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The biggest snake in the world Anaconda

For many centuries the snake arouse people’s conflicting emotions: some of them worshipped and considered a symbol of wisdom, healing, renewal and resurrection. Others believed the creature belongs to a supernatural world and is in the service of the dark forces. It is fear that gave rise to many myths and legends, including their size, strength, bloodlust and gluttony. What is the biggest snake in the world, will tell Prostozoo.

There are many legends and stories about huge serpents, usually the cannibals, the length of which reached 30 meters in circumference they were like a huge tree, and when crawling through the woods or planting – young trees were broken. In reality, however, such giants have not existed for the entire history of the animal world. According to current archaeological discoveries and research of the Museum and research center Smithsonian, the biggest and longest snake in the world – Titanoboa – lived 60 million years ago and replaced the extinct dinosaurs. Its length was 15 meters and it weighed more than a ton.

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Modern snake compared to its ancestor are somewhat smaller, but they are often impressive Continue reading

The Bites of poisonous snakes, symptoms and treatment

When the snake bites the world’s leading pathological factor is intoxication, and sometimes role plays and sensitization to poison.

Symptoms . Typical symptoms of intoxication: nausea, vomiting, violet, crimson spots of various sizes and swelling at the bite site, swollen lymph nodes, weakness, increased sweating, pain in the bite location, the nearby muscles by gradually strengthening them, hemorrhagic skin rash near the bite, like syndrome, including emotional shock, epistaxis. gangrene of the skin at the bite site, etc. these symptoms can accede to an allergic reaction of varying severity. Clinical manifestations of snake venom poisoning is extremely diverse and depend on the number neirolepticeski, proteolytic and cytolytic agents, coagulants, enzymes in the venom.

Fundamentally we can distinguish two types of toxicity: neurotoxic and hemorrhagic. For the first type is characterized by a sharp pain in the area of the bite with subsequent development of myalgia, General weakness and fatigue, headache, dysphagia; for the second, burning pain at the bite location, with a strong swelling around it and the appearance of hemorrhages.

Treatment . Child, bitten by a snake (and adult!), should ensure complete rest with minimal Continue reading

Snake Meat

Snakes or Serpentes a large number of a suborder of Reptiles. These representatives of the detachment Calulcated distributed on all continents of the planet Earth, except Antarctica. Besides snakes live in the waters of the world ocean. The vast majority of people have the impression that almost all snakes are poisonous and can easily kill a person. On the one hand, this statement is completely untrue.

However, it is worth noting that even venomous snakes use their highly toxic venom only to obtain food or in self-defense. Most species of snakes have fairly modest settings, however, some species of reptiles reach record sizes. For example, the average length of pythons that live in remote tropical thickets, starts from 2 meters. Impressive size, isn’t it?

Snake meat was used in cooking by the ancient tribes of natives and the natives who inhabited the Asian areas thousands of years ago. It is interesting that in Europe the meat of the snake is well known since the middle Ages. Once in France there was “rattlesnake diet”. Women to maintain beauty and youth were eating the flesh of vipers. For inhabitants of the Asian snake meat a normal and even everyday food like pork, beef or chicken for the inhabitants Continue reading

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