The biggest snake in the world Anaconda

For many centuries the snake arouse people’s conflicting emotions: some of them worshipped and considered a symbol of wisdom, healing, renewal and resurrection. Others believed the creature belongs to a supernatural world and is in the service of the dark forces. It is fear that gave rise to many myths and legends, including their size, strength, bloodlust and gluttony. What is the biggest snake in the world, will tell Prostozoo.

There are many legends and stories about huge serpents, usually the cannibals, the length of which reached 30 meters in circumference they were like a huge tree, and when crawling through the woods or planting – young trees were broken. In reality, however, such giants have not existed for the entire history of the animal world. According to current archaeological discoveries and research of the Museum and research center Smithsonian, the biggest and longest snake in the world – Titanoboa – lived 60 million years ago and replaced the extinct dinosaurs. Its length was 15 meters and it weighed more than a ton.

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Stories and everything, everything, everything

Not a great addition to a Sunday report. I think the big fish are still not active enough. In her brain now, “basic instinct”. Near the dais. almost at the surface ,floated “Karasina specimen” somewhere under 1 kg. and actively tried to crawl through the reeds ( could take in the landing net. b..b but the conscience is not given lightly poked the end of her fishing rod so that his eyes did not corn). Water. the feelings. still cool, I think the carp start spawning closer to “may”.Carp I pecked very carefully could in 15-20 minutes “to detain bait”, a little stamp, a little bit lift,sharp bites were few. By the way. don’t know whether there is a predator in the checks,someone wrote there,I once caught “ECOSOC” grams per hundred worms at the second check, but judging by one little koropchak with Continue reading


Can I keep a poisonous snake in your hands, if you have no experience? You can, if.

Venomoid=venomoid, poisonous snakes, which after surgery can not enter the poison. They come with remote stings, or with the cut paths from the gland to the tooth. Such vipers and pit vipers and aspidova necessary for the collections of zoos in places where there are laws about poisonous animals for public educational demonstrations, such as walking kindergartens with typename (as does Hosser). Again, for the simple terrariumistov, if the snake was purchased from the source of the first two examples. Also, removed the poisonous teeth, but it is extremely inefficient, and removed the maxillary bone, which leads to impending doom the serpent.

Venomous snakes can still bite, leaving wounds from the teeth, but without consequences. Still, it is not necessary to test it, the operation could have defective or injured parts poisonous apparatus to recover, it’s not about the glands, the glands will never recover! If direct really need to take the hands of venomoid, pre-check its bite in the feeding rodent, try to squeeze out the poison (without experience you can injure the snake).

Offspring from “safe poisonous” snakes poisonous, surgery is not inherited!

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