From earliest times people desperately asshat methods that will help them to fight the venom of wild snakes. But only recently, tochnee just over 50 years ago physicians realized how the snake venom is and what should be done to reduce its impact. It is important to understand that no single national methodology has never been successful in the treatment of snake bites. All, without any justification, “such folk” methods only at best have no effect and at worst and can only hurt and weakened body. Itself the scientific medicine only recently learned how to treat the bites of poisonous snakes. And already from a hopelessness we took techniques from ancient ritual of the so-called medicine. In Kazakhstan, where the snake bites it’s kind of a rarity,most physicians still know very badly what to do in such cases.

The doctors of the middle ages believed that the most effective method and the most reliable)), it immediately cut off the bitten limb. If you delay,then the poison will quickly disperse throughout the body and is useless to cut the legs and arms)). But there are frames, which was bitten by a snake and they are immediately looking for an axe and cut his arm, that’s it! Therefore, it is important to remain calm and poise!

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Hooks for snakes

Hook – a very necessary tool for everyone, especially experienced, sleeved. It would seem, why an experienced smesevogo need a tool to handle serpents is able, and unnecessary fussy movements does not. But here, as in the advertising of cigarettes Davidoff – “understanding comes from experience” (with). Over the years, acquiring not sickly collection of not the most peaceful and harmless snakes, everyone, including I, began to think about a convenient, easy, safe for themselves and for the snake tool. If “novice” as a tool to catch one or two medium-sized snakes (snakes, Royal, etc.) to use the means at hand – the various modified mops, clothes hanger, aluminium wire, etc. or simply to catch a pet owner, then “advanced” users, this option will not pass In the first place, the dimensions of Pets do not allow them to catch anything, and secondly, some species are very nimble and aggressive, easily slip and wind up with an uncomfortable and unprofessional hooks, third (very important) – nice to use and good quality tools.

At the time, I’m seriously puzzled by finding good equipment. Unfortunately, the Russian proposals neither the hooks or clamps for snakes in those days. On the Internet found a company in Texas that made the Professor hooks made of titanium Golf clubs. The price was quite high – about 500 bucks. But it was in far 90-x, and about any buying and shipping of this device and then the speech Continue reading

The Art of survival.
All snakes swim well. Usually hunt at night. Crawl with speeds up to 8 km/h. Vipers can be found in the burrows of animals, rotten stumps, bushes, and clefts of…

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The biggest snake in the world Anaconda
For many centuries the snake arouse people's conflicting emotions: some of them worshipped and considered a symbol of wisdom, healing, renewal and resurrection. Others believed the creature belongs to a…

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First aid for snake bites
Anywhere in nature you can meet the snake . You should not attempt to kill or catch, and she will flee the battlefield. Most often the snake crawls away from…

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