11 most bizarre and unusual snakes

Snakes since ancient times, simultaneously frighten and fascinate people. These sometimes deadly but possessing a kind of beauty of animals became a symbol of wisdom and cunning, and even left its trace in the Proverbs: “he looks like a rabbit on a boa constrictor”, “vipers in the bosom warmed” and many others.

Some types of snakes is not limited to the ability to strangle or poison their prey: in the course of evolution they learned to fly, or to pretend to be dead to lure victims with cunning physiological adaptations. Here you will find 11 of the most interesting reptiles on the planet.

1. Madagascar serpent listonosza

These unusual reptiles that live in Madagascar, got its name due to the particular structure of the muzzle: in females, it resembles a leaf with serrated edges, while males are more elongated, tapered shape and herpetologists (experts in reptiles and amphibians) still can’t say exactly what function does this kind of “decoration”.

2. Royal water

Reptile from North America is known particularly for its narrow gastronomic predilections: it eats only crayfish that have recently experienced moult and lost Continue reading

The Most beautiful snakes on the planet.

Keeled grass too.

The snake is non-venomous, and the snake yawns after a hearty lunch, to reinstall the jaw and catch my breath.

Mamba Jason

Graceful green snake of the length two meters, the venom of which has a nerve effect. Deny the muscles of the respiratory system and the victim is slowly but surely suffocating. Then the serpent eating it. It lives in Africa. There is still the black Mamba, its length 4 meters, which is as poisonous as the green, but I am afraid of it anymore. There is a belief that if a black Mamba crossed the path, wait for death. Or she will crawl and bite, or just die from an accident. It is believed that the bite of a deadly Mambo, but it is not. If within one hour after the bite to take the serum, then survival is guaranteed. To escape from the snake is almost impossible, Mamba moves at a speed of 11 km/hour.

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Amphibians and reptiles in the house

The amazing life of snakes. Snakes are very interesting and unusual. They are not like other animals. At the present time on our planet has about 3000 species of snakes. Of these species — 375 species of poisonous snakes. The poison after the snake bite quickly affects the body, as it consists of complex mixtures of proteins. Faster of all kinds kills the poison which affects the nervous system. This venom is called neurotoxic.

Of all the organs in snakes is present in the liver, kidneys, lungs and intestines. Anus snake occupies only the last quarter of her body, all the rest is a large number of bones of which consists of a Snake does not masticate the food. 200 snake teeth are for biting and grasping prey. The most toxic snake of all — it’s a Taipan in Australia. This snake can kill 100 people with one bite.

After the deposition of eggs, the snake crawls, and hatch them yourself, when the time comes. She doesn’t care about the eggs and feeds the newborn. Newborn snakes already have small teeth with which they break the shell and get out into the light. Usually snakes lay eggs, but a few species of snakes give birth immediately. If the snake lays eggs, she lays them in always warm Even if the production is more of a snake, it can swallow prey as they are because of the flexible Continue reading

Snake Meat
Snakes or Serpentes a large number of a suborder of Reptiles. These representatives of the detachment Calulcated distributed on all continents of the planet Earth, except Antarctica. Besides snakes live…

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The Art of survival.
All snakes swim well. Usually hunt at night. Crawl with speeds up to 8 km/h. Vipers can be found in the burrows of animals, rotten stumps, bushes, and clefts of…

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If you decide to get a snake
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