Milk snake

General information: this is perhaps the most colorful snake of the genus Lampropeltis. The natural habitat of lactic snakes quite extensively: Canada, the Florida Peninsula, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Central America… 5800 kilometers – this is the area of its habitat. There are more than 25 kinds of dairy snakes, among which are noted:


They all differ in size and shades of color. And among these varieties, the fans of unusual Pets, having a pet. Despite its bright color, the snake got the “pastel” name ” milk. There is the story of that name. America has long been the cattle country, when for some unknown reason, disappeared milk, the culprit of this the locals believed it is the serpent who is memorable thanks to its original bright color and often met on the way to farmers. They believed that this bright snake “sucks” from cows milk. Hence they got this name.

With a life expectancy of 15-20 years.

Puberty – in 2 years, a gestation of about 70 days. Continue reading

First aid for snake bites

Anywhere in nature you can meet the snake . You should not attempt to kill or catch, and she will flee the battlefield. Most often the snake crawls away from the loud steps of the man. Back off, creating a rustling sound. If you child, take him in his arms.

If you stepped on a snake and somehow caused her more anxiety, the more likely it will be to attack.

Keep in mind that a snake bite will not be able to charge more than 30-40 cm, and will not be able to bite through fairly thick clothing.

The only poisonous snake that lives in the European part of Russia is a Viper . External distinctive sign of the Viper — a characteristic zigzag pattern on the back, the color of the color is different, sometimes dark and poorly visible pattern.

Naaguveya snakes of this area are mainly represented by various types of colubrid — snakes, snakes, Copperhead.

Snakes have a long thin tail, very different coloration, but differ from other snakes “yellow ears” — a vivid markings on the head, usually yellow, but sometimes white and orange.

Sometimes the “ears” of the snake blend color on the entire body and difficult to see. So not an expert on snakes, in rare cases, the adder and the grass snake maybe confused.

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The biggest snake in the world Anaconda

For many centuries the snake arouse people’s conflicting emotions: some of them worshipped and considered a symbol of wisdom, healing, renewal and resurrection. Others believed the creature belongs to a supernatural world and is in the service of the dark forces. It is fear that gave rise to many myths and legends, including their size, strength, bloodlust and gluttony. What is the biggest snake in the world, will tell Prostozoo.

There are many legends and stories about huge serpents, usually the cannibals, the length of which reached 30 meters in circumference they were like a huge tree, and when crawling through the woods or planting – young trees were broken. In reality, however, such giants have not existed for the entire history of the animal world. According to current archaeological discoveries and research of the Museum and research center Smithsonian, the biggest and longest snake in the world – Titanoboa – lived 60 million years ago and replaced the extinct dinosaurs. Its length was 15 meters and it weighed more than a ton.

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