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Features and reproduction of snakes.

Snakes — this is perhaps the most well-known representatives of the family of reptiles, of which all are afraid. In most people, only one mention of them in fear and panic, although not all snakes are poisonous. Some of them, despite the rather menacing look and wouldn’t hurt a fly and Others that look peaceful and are individuals of small size, can carry a very powerful poison, its drops should be enough to deprive a person of life. Let’s talk about where snakes live .

Snakes where they live and who they are?

Especially snakes

Before talking about where snakes live . let’s look at their features. Snakes can be different sizes ranging from 10 cm to several meters in length. The body of a snake has no bones and is particularly pronounced skeleton. A snake’s skeleton consists of a special cartilaginous vertebrae, which, incidentally, are the source of its agility and maneuverability of moving. Snakes do not have legs, this is their main difference from their closest relatives the lizards.

The peculiar structure of the head of the snake makes the possibility of swallowing the victim whole. Namely, it is about its jaws, which are interconnected in a special way at the bottom of it. Such a structure makes it head the snake is able to open his mouth very wide and swallow Continue reading

First aid for snake bites

Anywhere in nature you can meet the snake . You should not attempt to kill or catch, and she will flee the battlefield. Most often the snake crawls away from the loud steps of the man. Back off, creating a rustling sound. If you child, take him in his arms.

If you stepped on a snake and somehow caused her more anxiety, the more likely it will be to attack.

Keep in mind that a snake bite will not be able to charge more than 30-40 cm, and will not be able to bite through fairly thick clothing.

The only poisonous snake that lives in the European part of Russia is a Viper . External distinctive sign of the Viper — a characteristic zigzag pattern on the back, the color of the color is different, sometimes dark and poorly visible pattern.

Naaguveya snakes of this area are mainly represented by various types of colubrid — snakes, snakes, Copperhead.

Snakes have a long thin tail, very different coloration, but differ from other snakes “yellow ears” — a vivid markings on the head, usually yellow, but sometimes white and orange.

Sometimes the “ears” of the snake blend color on the entire body and difficult to see. So not an expert on snakes, in rare cases, the adder and the grass snake maybe confused.

There are many outward signs that distinguish Continue reading

Snakes of the Northern Caucasus

The man himself does not understand his condition, when you glance at the snake begins to rise pressure, quickened heartbeat and released adrenaline into the blood. Judging by the fact that we offer a continual documentaries about animals, with snakes better not to face. Who knows, this may be your last meeting face to face with danger. Needless to say that snakes inhabit the entire planet, without exception? Besides the usual for us vipers and water-snakes there are about 500 species of snakes, of which we have not only not seen, but about which we never heard.

A little bit about snake color

Snake coloration can be varied. For the most part she prisposobitsya and depends on the environment that is around. Snakes are the real chameleons, masters of hide and seek in the rocks, greenery, sand, etc. So the colour corresponds to the tree snakes, and yellowish-sandy posting representatives of the species. The coloration of some species, for example the Gabon Viper or tiger Python seems too bright, cutting human eye.

On the territory of the North Caucasus it is possible to meet a wide variety of reptiles. Ranging from plain brown to red and orange. Continue reading

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