The Bites of poisonous snakes, symptoms and treatment

When the snake bites the world’s leading pathological factor is intoxication, and sometimes role plays and sensitization to poison.

Symptoms . Typical symptoms of intoxication: nausea, vomiting, violet, crimson spots of various sizes and swelling at the bite site, swollen lymph nodes, weakness, increased sweating, pain in the bite location, the nearby muscles by gradually strengthening them, hemorrhagic skin rash near the bite, like syndrome, including emotional shock, epistaxis. gangrene of the skin at the bite site, etc. these symptoms can accede to an allergic reaction of varying severity. Clinical manifestations of snake venom poisoning is extremely diverse and depend on the number neirolepticeski, proteolytic and cytolytic agents, coagulants, enzymes in the venom.

Fundamentally we can distinguish two types of toxicity: neurotoxic and hemorrhagic. For the first type is characterized by a sharp pain in the area of the bite with subsequent development of myalgia, General weakness and fatigue, headache, dysphagia; for the second, burning pain at the bite location, with a strong swelling around it and the appearance of hemorrhages.

Treatment . Child, bitten by a snake (and adult!), should ensure complete rest with minimal Continue reading

Abstract the bites of poisonous snakes

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The famous snake

Snakes – that reptiles scaly squad. They are widely distributed worldwide and live on all the Islands and continents, except Antarctica, Ireland, New Zealand and many small Islands in the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean.

Snakes have an elongated body, devoid of the shoulder girdle, chest and tail, whose length can vary from 10 centimeters to 15 meters. Their jaws are so arranged that they are able to swallow food whole, and a muscular esophagus pushes it into the stomach for further digestion. They have almost no ears, eyes do not have movable eyelids, and their ears are deprived of the eardrum. But they have excellent vision and sense of smell.

Types of snakes

Many snakes are known to possess outstanding size and high degree of toxicity of the poison. All known species of snakes are predators, hunting for a variety of vertebrates and invertebrates, with a poisonous snake, first kill their victim by poisoning with poison and non-poisonous – either swallow it alive, or suffocate. Most of these reptiles predators is a poisonous, venomous refers to snakes only 1/4 of all available species of snakes.

Snake records

The most well-known snakes are snakes, pythons, Cobra, Mamba, Anaconda and Viper. Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes. In 2012 the inhabitants Continue reading

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Abstract the bites of poisonous snakes
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