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First aid for snake bites

Human life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are not very pleasant and sometimes even deadly. One of the very common dangers – animal bite or insect, especially in the spring and summer.

Most often bitten by domestic dogs, rarely cats and sometimes wildlife or street. Especially dangerous bites of animals with rabies. The rabies virus enters the bloodstream of the affected with the saliva of the animal. And not always from animal bites externally visible symptoms of this disease.

In warm seasons, when we spend much of our time on the street, serious health risks are insects and snakes. In their body continuously or periodically contains toxic substances that when released into the human blood can pose a serious health hazard. Distinguish between actively – and passively-venomous animals in which the poison is secreted through the gland or found in a variety of tissues and organs, respectively.

First aid for snake bites

Although not all species of snakes are poisonous to humans, it is still worth any unfamiliar snake, a priori, be considered as poisonous and dangerous. However, it will not hurt to learn the signs of a safe snakes, especially if you go camping Continue reading

First aid for snake bites

Anywhere in nature you can meet the snake . You should not attempt to kill or catch, and she will flee the battlefield. Most often the snake crawls away from the loud steps of the man. Back off, creating a rustling sound. If you child, take him in his arms.

If you stepped on a snake and somehow caused her more anxiety, the more likely it will be to attack.

Keep in mind that a snake bite will not be able to charge more than 30-40 cm, and will not be able to bite through fairly thick clothing.

The only poisonous snake that lives in the European part of Russia is a Viper . External distinctive sign of the Viper — a characteristic zigzag pattern on the back, the color of the color is different, sometimes dark and poorly visible pattern.

Naaguveya snakes of this area are mainly represented by various types of colubrid — snakes, snakes, Copperhead.

Snakes have a long thin tail, very different coloration, but differ from other snakes “yellow ears” — a vivid markings on the head, usually yellow, but sometimes white and orange.

Sometimes the “ears” of the snake blend color on the entire body and difficult to see. So not an expert on snakes, in rare cases, the adder and the grass snake maybe confused.

There are many outward signs that distinguish Continue reading

Useful tips and recommendations for children

Most poisonous snakes attack humans only in self-defense. And yet, be extremely careful when going in their habitats. Before you go for a walk in an unfamiliar area, ask local residents, what are the poisonous snakes found there.

In the forest and steppe zones of Central Russia lives adder, in the steppe zone-steppe Viper. The Caucasus and Transcaucasia live Viper, and the Caucasus, and Asia minor long-nosed Viper; on the South of Central Asia — sand Viper. Going to places where there are venomous snakes, you should wear closed and high shoes and tuck in the pants. Picking berries in the high shrubs, be careful where you step.

Adder like snakes, most of which are not poisonous. To distinguish a Viper from a poisonous snake is not very difficult (at the head of this snake is usually two yellow spots), and yet never catch snakes for fun.

If you see a slithering snake, don’t touch it. Let move anywhere she wanted. Get away from her as far as possible. A sure sign that a snake is going to attack, — a folding ring.

If, despite all precautions, you are bitten by a venomous snake, examine the bite. From the bite of non-venomous snakes are two thin scratches. By the bite of a poisonous snake will always be visible punctures from the teeth. Around the wound Continue reading

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