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First aid for snake bites

Human life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are not very pleasant and sometimes even deadly. One of the very common dangers – animal bite or insect, especially in the spring and summer.

Most often bitten by domestic dogs, rarely cats and sometimes wildlife or street. Especially dangerous bites of animals with rabies. The rabies virus enters the bloodstream of the affected with the saliva of the animal. And not always from animal bites externally visible symptoms of this disease.

In warm seasons, when we spend much of our time on the street, serious health risks are insects and snakes. In their body continuously or periodically contains toxic substances that when released into the human blood can pose a serious health hazard. Distinguish between actively – and passively-venomous animals in which the poison is secreted through the gland or found in a variety of tissues and organs, respectively.

First aid for snake bites

Although not all species of snakes are poisonous to humans, it is still worth any unfamiliar snake, a priori, be considered as poisonous and dangerous. However, it will not hurt to learn the signs of a safe snakes, especially if you go camping Continue reading

Snake – concise medical encyclopedia

SNAKES – animals reptiles. The body length of the snakes varies depending on species from 8 cm to 10-11 m (Boas). Dry skin covered with keratinized arranged tile-shaped scales or plates in the form of half rings; periodically reset. Eyes covered with transparent eyelids fused. Teeth thin, sharp, slightly curved back. The poisonous C on the front edge of the upper jaw are poisonous teeth, having an internal channel or groove to drain the poison. At the base of the channel or groove opens the excretory duct of the venom gland. In the quiescent state Z. poisonous teeth bent under the jaw, when they bite they are with the force and stuck into the victim’s body. Striking external signs, in whom it is possible to distinguish poisonous from non-poisonous C, no. Z. are the prey; swallow prey alive or kill pre-strangle or poison. Most C conducts a ground way of life, often in dense vegetation or among stones. They crawl into the gardens and dwellings of man. Marine C are exclusively aquatic lifestyle.

Approx. 2500 known species Z. from them to humans is poisonous to more than 200. From various types of C found in the USSR, poisonous 10. In the Northern and Central districts of the USSR is the common adder, in the steppe zone of the South of the European part Continue reading

Features and reproduction of snakes.

Snakes — this is perhaps the most well-known representatives of the family of reptiles, of which all are afraid. In most people, only one mention of them in fear and panic, although not all snakes are poisonous. Some of them, despite the rather menacing look and wouldn’t hurt a fly and Others that look peaceful and are individuals of small size, can carry a very powerful poison, its drops should be enough to deprive a person of life. Let’s talk about where snakes live .

Snakes where they live and who they are?

Especially snakes

Before talking about where snakes live . let’s look at their features. Snakes can be different sizes ranging from 10 cm to several meters in length. The body of a snake has no bones and is particularly pronounced skeleton. A snake’s skeleton consists of a special cartilaginous vertebrae, which, incidentally, are the source of its agility and maneuverability of moving. Snakes do not have legs, this is their main difference from their closest relatives the lizards.

The peculiar structure of the head of the snake makes the possibility of swallowing the victim whole. Namely, it is about its jaws, which are interconnected in a special way at the bottom of it. Such a structure makes it head the snake is able to open his mouth very wide and swallow Continue reading

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Abstract the bites of poisonous snakes
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