The poisonous snakes

On our planet a lot of poisonous animals and plants. Probably the best known among poisonous animals are snakes. There are snakes are very poisonous, not very. But there are snakes so poisonous that their venom can lead to death within a few minutes or even seconds.

Black Mamba

This snake is found in Africa, practically in all regions of the black continent. Black snake was named not because of external painting, but due to the fact that her mouth is black. The size of this snake reaches 3 and 4-4,5 meters. Naturally, the inhabitants of the regions where there are snakes, really afraid of them. Among other things, the black Mamba can move at very high speed – up to 20 kilometers per hour. There is among the residents of different regions of Africa believed that the black Mamba can haunt people for many kilometers.

The common Taipan.

This snake is found in New Guinea, and its bite will be enough to killed 12 thousand Guinea pigs. The snake venom causes the blood to clot, clogging of an artery or vein. In addition, this venom is a strong neurotoxin. It should be noted that before the advent of serum, no known cases of human survival after being bitten by this snake. Fatal outcome usually occurs within hours. Taipan is a distant relative of the African black Mamba.

Malayan krait

These snakes are found in Malaysia, India and some other regions, including southwest Asia and Indonesia. The bite of the Malayan krait is deadly, even if you use the serum. It should be noted that these snakes prey on other snakes including their own species. They are most aggressive at night, this nocturnal species of snakes. The venom of the krait is a neurotoxin, it is 16 times stronger than Cobra venom. The poison quickly causes paralysis of muscles, nerves losing the ability to control motor functions of the body. Cases of bites krayt not so much because it is the night view. Death from the bite occurs within 6-12 hours.

Western brown snake

1/3500 of a gram of the venom of this snake can kill a person. This snake lives in Australia, and unfortunately, chooses for us to live in regions where settled people. This snake is very fast moving and quite aggressive. The venom of this snake is a powerful neurotoxin, which causes coagulation of the blood.

Taipan Snake or Ill

This species living in the Central regions of Australia, apparently, is one of the most poisonous in the list. From Taipan. – the most powerful poison, and at one time this snake can inject 110 mg of venom, enough for the death of 100 people. The venom of the Taipan. 50 times more toxic than Cobra venom. This snake is, fortunately, not aggressive, and is quite rare. It is worth noting that deaths bite humans simply don’t have the snake tries to avoid meeting with the person in any way. But the snake’s venom can kill in just 45 minutes.

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