The Most venomous snakes

The era of human existence the serpent worshipped and feared, regarded them as gods and something terrible. But not bogotvor snake, all smooth it will bite you. Some snakes venom is not dangerous at all, while others are so dangerous that even do not have time to inject the antidote. On earth there are more than 3000 species of snakes, most of which are dangerous to humans. But we will look at 10 of the most poisonous snakes of our planet.

10.) Arikinui coral snake

Distributed in North America and northeast Mexico. The length of their body reaches 1 meter. Have a bright color with black, red and yellow rings. Their diet consists mainly of small lizards and amphibians are different, not disdain, and large insects.

The bite of these large snakes are not dangerous to humans. Without medical assistance a person can die within 20 to 24 hours.

9.) Bushmaster

Bushmaster inhabits the tropical forests of Equatorial America.

Snake reaches 2.5—3 meters in length, rarely 4 metres. Body weight 3 to 5 kg. Body slender, in section forms a triangle. The tail of the snake hollow and although it has no rattles like a rattlesnake, but when driving, about the impact of the plant creates a similar sound. Color of snake is yellowish-brown, with a pattern of dark-brown diamonds.

After the bite of that fatal overtakes from 6 to 12 hours.

8.) Green Mamba

The habitat of snakes rain forests of West Africa. Average body length ranges from 140 to 210 cm, but there are specimens up to 3 meters in length. The color of the snake’s body emerald green with a blue tint. Her diet mainly consists of small creatures such as birds and lizards.

The poison of this beauty contains a fast-acting neurotoxin and calciseptine which stops the clotting of blood. If you do not enter an antidote, that death overtakes from 2 to 6 hours.

Habitat snakes of North-West Africa, southern, Western and Central Asia. This is one of the largest species of the family of Viper, its length is almost 2 meters. Color dark grayish-brown, bottom same color of the belly is light with dark spots.

Bite same snake is very dangerous, without timely medical intervention, the person dies within 2 – 4 hours.

6.) Indian Cobra

Long Cobra lasts from 1.5 to 2 metro station, color mottled, bright-yellow with a blue tint. On the hood of a snake there is a picture in the form of points. Habitat quite extensively from Central Asia and India to South China. The diet consists of mice and rats.

Venom is very strong with pronounced neurotoxic effects. After being bitten by an Indian Cobra man, death occurs from 1 to 6 hours.

5.) Tiger snake

Habitat of Southeast Australia, mainly in forests, meadows, steppes. In length they reach up to 2 meters. The snake is viviparous and does not lay eggs, brood reaches up to 30 individuals. The color snake grey, olive, or reddish color. The food is not capricious, it feeds on small creatures, lizards, mice, and amphibians. Small animals, bitten by a snake, die immediately, unable to get even with the place where they were bitten.

For man, the snake has also a very high risk, because even if timely adoption of antidotes chance of survival is small. Without antidote, death occurs from 1 to 24 hours.

4.) Malayan krait

The habitat of India and Southeast Asia, the Islands of the Malay archipelago. The length of the snake is comparatively small, 1.5 to 2 meters, color contrast black with white or yellow stripes. The snake feeds on small amphibians and mammals.

Venom is very strong and dangerous to humans. After the bite until the onset of death may take from 30 minutes to 6 hours.

3.) Black Mamba

Perhaps one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. Specimens reach a length of 2.5 – 3 meter, some specimens have 4.5 meters in length. Colour these snakes are dark olive, gray-brown, olive-green or grey, belly light brown or grey. The snake lives from Ethiopia to South West Africa and from Senegal to Somalia.

The venom of the black Mamba are very neurotoxic and cardiotoxic also contains calciseptine. Without the timely administration of antivenom, death occurs within one hour and that is if someone was bitten by a limb, a bite on the neck, the body, or in the head will lead to death within 10 minutes.

The snake length of 3 meters with light brown, dark brown or reddish color, the belly is yellow or white. The habitat of the coast of North-Eastern Australia, South-East New Guinea. It feeds on Small amphibians and mammals. Taipan is a very fast and aggressive instantly bites the victim several times.

After the bite causes paralysis of the body and the respiratory system. The poison is so strong that even if you took an antidote, there is no guarantee that it will help. Death occurs from 40 minutes to 6 hours depending on what body part was bitten by a snake.

1.) Used Belcher sea snake

And the leader of our dozens become, used Belcher sea snake. Habitat on the shores of the Philippines and new Guinea Indian ocean and the Solomon Islands, the Northwest coast of Australia. The snake is very poisonous, perhaps the most poisonous in the world, but with a calm nature to piss off a snake, and it bit you should still try. Feeds mainly on fish, but also not hesitate to eat other small sea creatures.

The snake’s venom is still not fully understood, and many scientists study so far of its properties. But we can already say that he is stronger than 50 times the Cobra venom. After snake bite death in minutes.

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