From earliest times people desperately asshat methods that will help them to fight the venom of wild snakes. But only recently, tochnee just over 50 years ago physicians realized how the snake venom is and what should be done to reduce its impact. It is important to understand that no single national methodology has never been successful in the treatment of snake bites. All, without any justification, “such folk” methods only at best have no effect and at worst and can only hurt and weakened body. Itself the scientific medicine only recently learned how to treat the bites of poisonous snakes. And already from a hopelessness we took techniques from ancient ritual of the so-called medicine. In Kazakhstan, where the snake bites it’s kind of a rarity,most physicians still know very badly what to do in such cases.

The doctors of the middle ages believed that the most effective method and the most reliable)), it immediately cut off the bitten limb. If you delay,then the poison will quickly disperse throughout the body and is useless to cut the legs and arms)). But there are frames, which was bitten by a snake and they are immediately looking for an axe and cut his arm, that’s it! Therefore, it is important to remain calm and poise!

In ancient England knew one thing very spectacular means, they believed that if a person is bitten by a snake bite immediatly after jumping through the water, no matter what zhto, gutter, or any other water body, it will not die.

The most popular means for first-aid is — overlay banners, tourniquet on the bitten arm or leg. Think that harness does not spread the poison from the place where you were bitten by a snake, all over the body. But be careful, if you apply a tourniquet to the man. the snake did not bite, it is possible to save him after such a procedure will not be easy. And when the snake bites, even a short, 20-30 minutes, the tourniquet sharply, very sharply worsens the condition of the patient.

You can often hear people say butdo if you were bitten by a snake you need to make an incision in the site of the bite that came out the poisoned blood, also burning and other poultices. Many earnestly believe that if bitten by a poisonous snake, it will save the alcohol in overdoses. But in reality the body and so weakened and it is very difficult, so doplnitelno to load, the more alcohol kategoricheski prohibited.

Therefore, joint efforts of physicians were issued the most effective ways of help from a snake bite.

1. The first thing that you need to take it immediately after you’ve been bitten, is to try vissat poison. But only right after the bite and do it bestlocation. If five minutes passed, then this procedure becomes quite useless, because during this time the poison has time to go to the blood stream and lymphatic ducts.

2. Punctures made with poisonous teeth, very quickly subsides, and their need to “open”. To do this, grab a fold of skin at the site of the bite and RUB it in with your fingers, not very much. Punctures are usually opened and in their place are small drops of liquid. You can now proceed to the actual extraction. About abrasions in the mouth or painful tooth can especially not worry. All experienced zmeelov sucks out the poison and myself, and comrades, and there was no case to suction poisoned.

3. Then the most important thing — peace. The victim needs to lie down and not to move. To especially protect the bitten arm or leg, not civility her in any case. Experienced suggest that you even put it in a splint to ensure immobility.

4. It is very important to give the patient to drink plenty of liquids. Better just not all that hot Cup of weak sweet tea. It is recommended to take antihistamines.

5. It is very important to quickly bring bitten to the hospital. Often after the bite causes difficulty breathing, may be the decline of cardiac activity, disorders pressure. May develop shock.

In order to save a person often used anti-typhoid serum is made using the venom of snakes. There are a monovalent serum — helps with poison certain species of snakes, and polyvalent, used against bites of various kinds. Entitling the serum should only be entered with a sterile instrument in strict accordance with the supplied serum in the regulations.

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