The biggest snake

At present the fear of snakes is fairly common, but actually snakes not as dangerous as it seems. Of course, there are some snakes whose bite leads to death, and yet, according to statistics people are much more likely to die in a car accident than from the bite of these venomous reptiles.

Some snakes are absolutely not dangerous, but their large size can scare even the most fearless person. This article focuses on the largest snakes on the planet.


In tenth place is the giant Viper from the Viper family. Today it is the largest of all vipers that live on the territory of the former USSR countries. Viper is very poisonous, however, it refers to a calm and peaceful snakes, so panic is not worth it. This Viper prefers to hide from people or to get away from them. Its dimensions are impressive: adult length is 2 m and a weight of 3 kg.

Eastern brown snake

Eastern snake belongs to the colubrid family. Brown snake belongs to the most dangerous snakes of the planet, in addition she is also very aggressive. These snakes have a different color, so identifying them is not easy. Long brown snake can reach 2 m.


This snake belongs to venomous snakes, so it should be as fast as possible. Like the Viper, it belongs to the family of Viper. Bushmaster is the biggest snake of all the snakes living in southern African countries. These snake-giants is able to reach incredible sizes. So, once scientists discovered bushmaster, the length of which was 4 m. fortunately, these snakes prefer to live in places where there are no people, so to meet her is quite difficult. Bushmaster through life single, so they love not only people but also other snakes. Some individuals live longer than 20 years.

Black Mamba

Another venomous snake, named because of its dark color. Typically, the Mamba has a black or dark-brown color, while the abdominal region it milk or dark beige. Black Mamba belongs to the genus of Mambo, a snake lives in the tropics of Africa. Adult snake grows up to 3 m, however, meet individuals and 5 m.


This species can reach large sizes only in their natural habitat. So, in the nature of a boa constrictor can reach 5 m, while in captivity barely reaches 3 m. in General, males much larger than females. The boa constrictor lives in North and South America and the Antilles. Favorite place Boas – warm and dry places, near which there is a pond.

King Cobra

This beauty is one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet. Among all venomous snakes it is still the longest. Some cobras grow up to 6 m, although the normal size should not exceed 4 m. In India, these snakes are lured with melodic sounds that make the snake wiggle slightly, creating the effect of dancing. Prefer the tropical forests of Asia. The feature of king Cobra in that it grows throughout its life.

Yellow tiger Python

Probably everyone has seen this bright snake in captivity. Despite its impressive size, the Python is absolutely not dangerous. Yellow pythons are generally quite small unlike other pythons. Long yellow Python can reach 6 m.

Brown tiger Python

Another tiger Python, which can grow to almost 10 m. Indeed, the snake is large, but, as with all pythons are not poisonous. In addition to its impressive length, dark Python is also very massive. The size of an adult Python depend on his lifestyle and, of course, from the floor of the snake.

Green Anaconda

Relates to the subfamily of Boas. Zoologists say that normal growth anacondas does not exceed 6 m, however, exist in nature and larger, the length of which reaches 9 m. During one of his expeditions, scientists have discovered in Colombia, the green Anaconda, growing up to 11 m.

Reticulated Python

This Python is not only the largest among all the pythons, but also among all other snakes. Reticulated Python is the longest snake on the planet. The dimensions of the reticulated Python is quite different: some species grow up to 4 m, other length over 10 m. However, the biggest Python in the entire history of humanity was discovered in the zoo, its length reached 12 m.


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The biggest snake
At present the fear of snakes is fairly common, but actually snakes not as dangerous as it seems. Of course, there are some snakes whose bite leads to death, and…

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