The biggest snake in the world

Snakes in many people evoke horror and disgust. Almost all of them are dangerous to humans. They are predators, most of which are poisonous. Therefore, these reptiles that we associate with great danger.

Especially look the most awesomely large and long snake. They resemble a real monster to deal with that man is not capable of. For example, the largest snake in the world reticulated Python, can swallow a cow.

Historical facts

For the time evolution on the planet stands out the largest snake — Titanoboa cerrejonensis. She dwelt on Earth 60 million years ago. Its length was more than 15 m, thickness 1 m, and the weight was equal to one ton. The remains of this terrible snake found in Colombia, in the coal mine. However, that species gradually disappeared.

As for the modern world, stands out among other reptiles reticulated Python. It is considered the biggest snake in the world. Its habitat are located in Asia – Thailand, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam and some other countries. Huge snakes prefer to settle in humid tropical climate. You can see them in forests and on mountain slopes.

On the island of Java pythons live very high up in the mountains, 1200 m above sea level. This species of reptiles can be found even in sea — reticulated pythons are good swimmers. They are not afraid of people and do not avoid human settlements. Hunting snakes come out at dusk or at night, spending the daytime in shelters.

The dimensions of the reticulated Python

The largest species grow up to 10 meters or more. Medium-sized snakes have a length of 4-8 m. the Reticulated Python competes with the Anaconda, which also has tremendous size. However, the majority of specialists give the first place to largest reticulated Python.

The most prominent of the reticulated Python was caught in Indonesia (island of Sumatra). Its length was equal to almost 15 m and weight reached 447 kg. the owner of the snakes sold it to the reserve, where he was given the name Guihua. Researchers who studied the habits of the huge Python, claimed that he is the giant snake on the planet. This Python can easily swallow the entire human body.

Individual instances of these snakes reach an incredible size — 12 m. the Average Python with a length of 6 m has a weight of 90 kg. In Python there is no large bones. Almost all of the weight of the body falls on the muscles. With the help of his steel muscles a snake could easily strangle a deer or a goat. Pythons suffocate prey, and not break her bones, like it was in former years. Otherwise the snake would have hurt the bones of his victim during its advancement within the body.

Why Python is called a mesh

The biggest snake in the world has an unusual color, for which he received its name. Her skin is decorated with a mesh pattern in the form of rhomboid and triangular spots. In the middle of the back are lighter patterns. Python has a good head and scales with iridescent shimmer. The snake looks pretty impressive.

Attacks whether reticulated Python to the people

Snakes of this species are very dangerous to humans. It was recorded 2 cases that prove “cannibalism” Python. In both cases, the victims were physically weak people – a teenager and a woman. But these facts are considered exceptions, because usually snakes are rarely hunt prey that cannot be swallowed. If Python has an average size (to 4 m), an adult and a strong man is quite able to cope with it. Deadly dangerous snake, the length of which exceeds 6 m.

What to eat pythons-giants

Snakes equally well feel on the trees and on the ground. To hunt or to sleep, they climb on trees. Pythons small size feed on small animals such as rodents, birds, ungulates, reptiles, monkeys. Large pythons prefer larger food. Their victims are Pets or wild animals: deer, jackals, dogs, goats, pigs, cats, leopards, etc.

As the great snake hunt

Future victim are reptiles with a special termlocation. These organs are located on the face on the bottom – and vergnugung corymbs. Turbolocator trap infrared radiation in warm-blooded animals. Evening and night-time turbolocator more precisely the function that determines the best time hunting for snakes.

Reticulated pythons are not very fast on land. If you notice the danger in time, he can escape. Therefore reptiles are usually set up ambushes while resting on the ground or on lower branches of trees. Their reactions are lightning fast. Noticing the prey, the Python makes a quick and accurate throw. He can easily catch a passing bird or a bat. After the meal the snake may not eat for a week or a month.

Why do people reticulated pythons

A huge snake can attack the person, but the last attacks of pythons more often. The meat of these snakes is edible. Python skin is used to make accessories, Souvenirs and clothing. Huge snakes are placed in the terrarium, putting on public display. Captive reticulated pythons feel good and live up to 20 years.

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