The Art of survival.

All snakes swim well. Usually hunt at night. Crawl with speeds up to 8 km/h. Vipers can be found in the burrows of animals, rotten stumps, bushes, and clefts of the rocks. Often Viper basking in the sun. When meeting with Viper is better not to make sharp movements. On Cobra you can stumble into an abandoned building. Known cases of catching cobras in populated areas and even in large cities. Some cobras spit venom into the eyes with great precision. Viper can settle in cropland. It well through the trees, capable of sharp shots almost the entire length of the body. When the EFA movement produces a rustling — bristled brush on the sides of the body. Snakes and colubrid snakes bite. Their fangs are situated at the back of the jaw and are designed for small prey, which has already slipped into his mouth. Saliva from non-venomous teeth can also cause soreness. Rules of conduct in the “snake” places:

1) not to touch the snakes;

2) wear boots;

3) be especially careful in the thick grass, overgrown pits;

4) not to walk at night — at least, without the lantern: many snakes are especially active on warm summer nights;

5) where a lot of rodents, there to expect and the serpent;

6) do not hold overnight near hollow trees, rotten stumps;

7) before you go to sleep is to see bed;

8) if waking up in the morning found himself on the snake — not to twitch, to call for help or wait until the snake upolzet.

A snake bite should do the following:

To put the victim into the shade so that the head was lowered below the body — in case of violations of blood flow in the brain. To proceed immediately to the extraction of the poison from the wound. After rinse mouth (otsasyvaet!). In the presence of in the mouth of carious teeth, or wounds to suck it is impossible, differently they can be poisonous. With suction to massage the area of the bite towards the wound. At the first sign of swelling the suction to cease, to treat the wound with disinfectant, apply a tight sterile bandage. It is very important to give complete immobility of the affected limb, to reduce the penetration of the venom into the lymphatic system. You can take pain medication: aspirin, piramidon. Absolutely can not apply a tourniquet. Unwanted and incisions in the area of the bite, as they lead to the formation of long not healing wounds and contribute to the ingress of secondary infection. You can partially wash out the poison from the wound with water. The victim should provide rest and drinking plenty of fluids, but not alcohol. Develop body flexibility to be able to suck out the poison from the wound on his own leg.

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