The worst insects and venomous snakes of Sri Lanka

No matter how beautiful and attractive island of Sri Lanka for most tourists, yet it is not necessary to relax and mindlessly go into dense thickets. And even more – to go to the jungle where you can not only easily lost, but also to meet the local inhabitants, which can be not only unpleasant but also extremely dangerous. In the impenetrable thickets it is possible to encounter poisonous snakes, among them the most dangerous is tikbalang and Cobra.

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In Sri Lanka in a large number of different insects and colorful butterflies in the forests of the island inhabited by termites, wood ants, and especially a lot of mosquitoes, which are vectors of serious diseases. Though Sri Lanka and is considered small island, it is Packed with exotic animals, some found only in this corner of the world. While traveling around the island you can see not only bright, vociferous birds, but also other inhabitants. Even near the hotel, if you look at the tree you can see the nimble monkeys trick-or-treat treat. Should you look good, and then among the green leaves are easy to find yet some of the inhabitants of these masters of disguise chameleons.

Walking along the beach you will see lazy turtles and came to a little hut, don’t be surprised if instead of a dog will see this porcupine. And of course it is impossible not to talk about the elephants, they are found here in large numbers, have different colors from black, to gray-brown. Do not forget that elephants are the hallmark of the island, so be sure to take a ride on an elephant.

On the island, in addition to wild beasts, in a large number of Dating and domestic animals, from cows and chickens, to pigs, dogs and cats. The only difference from the usual allowed other countries is their incredible thinness. Which just catches the eye, in fact it is quite a common phenomenon for these places, do not think that the locals starved the poor animals, it is a peculiar feature of the local area. Sri Lanka animals do not look like in zoos, because here they feel full-fledged owners, and tourists were just guests.

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