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Not a great addition to a Sunday report. I think the big fish are still not active enough. In her brain now, “basic instinct”. Near the dais. almost at the surface ,floated “Karasina specimen” somewhere under 1 kg. and actively tried to crawl through the reeds ( could take in the landing net. b..b but the conscience is not given lightly poked the end of her fishing rod so that his eyes did not corn). Water. the feelings. still cool, I think the carp start spawning closer to “may”.Carp I pecked very carefully could in 15-20 minutes “to detain bait”, a little stamp, a little bit lift,sharp bites were few. By the way. don’t know whether there is a predator in the checks,someone wrote there,I once caught “ECOSOC” grams per hundred worms at the second check, but judging by one little koropchak with obvious traces of someone’s mouth on both sides have to be. And, by the way guys. watch your step, snakes are “Yes” woke up. PS the Carp is very tasty, probably because he caught or missed it.

SW. thank you to alfasud for fair fishing on the ponds, but I about other. Two years ago, watched a picture on the ponds.

Three fellows, each for a hundred kg in weight in Phanom the excitement was killing “snake”, just like that. as we crawled past than they prevented

I don’t know, but killed, murdered and thrown in comes. All this seen their children. The Yak thing. In Lighthouses there are no snakes, snake by definition is the Cobra, Viper, carpet Viper snake is here, and what we see in the Beacons, this is the common adder, snake, Copperhead.

And they are just as dangerous as a dwarf poodle. Believe me, gaduka hearing or sensing you, she will take care

quickly ubratsya somewhere far away. But killing for the sake of bravado (I killed the snake) is low and despicable otnosheniu

to her. If God created it, then it komuto need.

R. S. was Caught with his wife on 4 pond, to the right of us was a whole clan of 30 pieces, and nothing, no one interfered, was caught

Credit 14kg carp, and the dreams had a girl 4.5 years. The fishing was excellent.

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