Snakes of the Northern Caucasus

The man himself does not understand his condition, when you glance at the snake begins to rise pressure, quickened heartbeat and released adrenaline into the blood. Judging by the fact that we offer a continual documentaries about animals, with snakes better not to face. Who knows, this may be your last meeting face to face with danger. Needless to say that snakes inhabit the entire planet, without exception? Besides the usual for us vipers and water-snakes there are about 500 species of snakes, of which we have not only not seen, but about which we never heard.

A little bit about snake color

Snake coloration can be varied. For the most part she prisposobitsya and depends on the environment that is around. Snakes are the real chameleons, masters of hide and seek in the rocks, greenery, sand, etc. So the colour corresponds to the tree snakes, and yellowish-sandy posting representatives of the species. The coloration of some species, for example the Gabon Viper or tiger Python seems too bright, cutting human eye.

On the territory of the North Caucasus it is possible to meet a wide variety of reptiles. Ranging from plain brown to red and orange. If the second snake you will notice anywhere how to be happy? The most important thing in any case, just don’t panic!

The habitat of the Caucasian snake

Snakes inhabit all continents except Antarctica cold. But they are distributed quite unevenly. Why does it depend on? Probably the climatic conditions. Heat-loving by nature, snakes are mostly found in Equatorial and tropical climates. In Northern regions, species diversity is rapidly decreasing to a few tens of species. So, particularly rich in these amazing creatures South America and Africa: aspidova, clipsmake, colubrid snakes, pythons, alcoholemia. Various species of snakes can be found on the territory of the Russian Federation: the common adder, snake, snake, Copperhead. In the North Caucasus is inhabited by only a few species of snakes are presented, compared with the above types: the four-lined and yellow-bellied snake, smooth snake, adder, serpent.

Inhabited by snakes?

The habitat of these reptiles is very various: there are desert snakes, marine, earth, soil. There are a whole family of snake that live only on the seabed, the same can be said about terrestrial members of this family. Snakes that live on earth, are masters in hide and seek. For this all conditions: stones, vegetation, etc. and Snakes that inhabit the territory of North Caucasus craftsmen salati large trees, and hide in the mountain gorges. Wood snakes can even fly from one tree to another. So do not particularly surprised seen infinity flight.

The breeding of snakes of the Caucasus

Spring comes and all the snakes start vylazit out. They skillfully leave their refuge, lay eggs and start a new life on the earth’s surface. In clutch there are usually about 5 eggs, and number of calves not more than 15 snakes. Snakes in the North Caucasus Wake up closer in April-may. It’s all in cool weather, which is not particularly like snakes. The incubation period lasts up to 3 months. By themselves, the eggs are covered with leathery, soft shell. The serpent does not hesitate to bury them in leaves, manure or soil that they were in heat.

The process of egg incubation: was there snakes?

The representative of the snakeman, namely Python snake even manages to “hatch the clutch”. The female twists her body, and her body temperature increases, compared with the ambient temperature at 15-20 degrees Celsius. This is what provides the early appearance of the eggs of a future generation.

Venomous snakes: fear is.

The main reason for fear of snakes is the allocation of their special fluid, called poison. Venomous snakes are not only in the family of Viper, but upodobania. Their venomous fangs are located deep in the mouth and with a strong grip provides fast penetration of the venom into the body of his victim. It takes some time, so the poison worked, and then you can eat caught the mouse, rat, frog, etc. by Itself, the poison has a pretty interesting formula, from the point of view of its composition. Mixture of proteins, enzyme poison and special enzymes. In the composition, one can identify the proteolytic enzymes that destroy proteins, etc. Through a feature called esterase rapid clotting, which is why poison works so fast.

On the territory of the North Caucasus can meet poisonous snakes, the bite of which is necessary to render urgent medical aid. The statistics are disappointing. After all, every year from snake bites killed several thousand people (this is at 0.5 million bitten victims).


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