This weekend were lucky on a walk in the woods to see all kinds of snakes live in Belarus. The walk was on a small forest lake Gremyacha, which is near the border of the Minsk and Mogilev regions in Pukhavichy district. But the walk was not a short: 6 miles on foot from our “house” in the woods. About the lake I will write, someday in future posts, but for now will talk about “animals” – snakes)

Once my wife crossed the bridge over the river Talca, just before the entrance to the forest noticed the following picture

2 rather large snake basking in the middle of the road in the sun. Snakes – non-poisonous species of snakes. They can be recognized by the characteristic yellow spots on the head.

Photographed from all sides harmless Uzikov, we went to the forest. The weather was good, it was not cold and not hot and that, most surprisingly, there was not a single mosquito. It is quite strange, because Talkowski forest is famous for its swamps and mosquitoes, respectively. Last year at this time of the year we were atakovali still angry hornets, from which we run for it)

We moved further into the woods, and then yells beckoning Pauline:”Copperhead. ” I immediately ran up and saw this beauty.

The snake showed no aggression and I know that Copperhead ,a poisonous snake, boldly took her picture almost with the meter.

The snake turned out to be the common Adder, the only poisonous snake in Belarus! Turns out the vipers one main distinguishing feature from other snake – slit pupil! There is another feature – zigzag pattern on the body, but in our case was poorly expressed.

Finally we came to the lake that hid in the middle of nowhere among the trees, hidden from human eyes. The lake itself I will describe in another time, and now I want to tell you that I saw there. In the middle of the lake, something was swimming, I did zoom the camera to maximum and that’s what I saw.

Immediately we dubbed this animal “Gromachevsky monster”) at Home, when we looked at the pictures, we came to the conclusion it’s either a snake or marsh turtle.

On the way back we saw another snake. Here a doubt arose – this was the grey snake!

Smoother unlike other snakes body, flattened head, bounded from the body scales head. A harmless smooth snake was faster than the other snakes and quickly disappeared into the grass.

Later on I read that in may the serpent begins the mating season.

Here such here was we walk, where we saw all 3 species of snakes that are found in our country)

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