Snake Meat

Snakes or Serpentes a large number of a suborder of Reptiles. These representatives of the detachment Calulcated distributed on all continents of the planet Earth, except Antarctica. Besides snakes live in the waters of the world ocean. The vast majority of people have the impression that almost all snakes are poisonous and can easily kill a person. On the one hand, this statement is completely untrue.

However, it is worth noting that even venomous snakes use their highly toxic venom only to obtain food or in self-defense. Most species of snakes have fairly modest settings, however, some species of reptiles reach record sizes. For example, the average length of pythons that live in remote tropical thickets, starts from 2 meters. Impressive size, isn’t it?

Snake meat was used in cooking by the ancient tribes of natives and the natives who inhabited the Asian areas thousands of years ago. It is interesting that in Europe the meat of the snake is well known since the middle Ages. Once in France there was “rattlesnake diet”. Women to maintain beauty and youth were eating the flesh of vipers. For inhabitants of the Asian snake meat a normal and even everyday food like pork, beef or chicken for the inhabitants of our latitudes.

In the Wake of the Asian countries have been actively snake meat eaten in the United States. The interest of Americans to a new food product due to the spread of food many species of snakes in the state. For example, rattlesnake meat can now be easily purchased at any major American supermarket. And in Texas instead of the usual BBQ at the weekend with the whole family prepared meat of snakes. It is noteworthy that modern snake meat for cooking was opened by the Chinese people.

In the middle Kingdom during a single century, many snake meat is not only nutritious, healthy food. Foodies and domestic cooks rather skeptical about the snake meat, apparently because I don’t know how to cook it. After going through all the stages of cooking meat even the most dangerous and poisonous snake turns into a real delicacy and a masterpiece of world cooking. The world fame of the product has brought to the Chinese national dish that is prepared from meat of a snake.

Soup under the poetic name “Battle of the dragon with the tiger” is the most desired dish for gourmets and lovers of culinary experiments. Nowadays snake meat is sold already cleaned and ready to eat. However, it is believed that only fresh snake meat and blood of a mammal can be a useful and healthy product. In the process of freezing the meat of the snake loses some of its beneficial properties.

In the chemical composition of snake meat contains large amounts of natural proteins that nourish and are completely digested by the human body. In Asia, snake meat called “elixir of youth and longevity”. Scientific studies confirmed tonic and restorative properties of meat of snakes.

The caloric content of Meat of snake 93 kcal.

Energy value of the Meat of the snake (the Ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates):

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