Snake Bites

From snake bites worldwide every year affects about 2 million people. Of them dies about 40 thousand In Russia venomous snakes are found in Transcaucasia, in Central Asia, the far East, in Siberia. Poisoning snake venom is always dangerous to life. It is therefore very important to be able to provide the victim an ambulance, because of the speed assist is very often human life depends.

If you have the opportunity, bitten by a snake (after first aid) should definitely contact the medical institution where he will put specific antitoxic serum.

Snake bites can be poisonous and non-poisonous. Bite non-poisonous snake leaves on the body 2 a strip of thin minor scratches. The snake bite also leaves 2 strips scratches, but at the end of each strip there is a puncture of the fangs.

In the CIS there are 3 kinds of poisonous snakes:

1. Vipers (especially dangerous Viper and carpet Viper).

2. Asps (this includes Cobra).

3. Copperhead (alcoholemia).

The bite of any snake is perceived by the person as the prick of a pin. But after the bite begin to flourish, both local and General symptoms of poisoning.

Local symptoms include: pain, swelling, subcutaneous bleeding, blisters filled with bloody contents, the increase of regional (nearby) lymph nodes.

Common symptoms of poisoning . shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, rapid pulse, nausea (sometimes vomiting), fainting, collapse or shock.

The first few minutes after the snake bite victims do not feel strong pain. But after 10-15 minutes the pain begins to increase, acquiring a burning character, especially in the area of the bite. If the victim is not assisted, the excruciating pain lasts 3-5 days.

Death by snakebite can occur as a result of shock or collapse. These phenomena are caused by severe internal hemorrhage (plural hemorrhages in the internal organs), bleeding disorders, low

blood pressure .

When Cobra bite local effects usually do not have time to develop. Come pronounced neuromuscular disorders, depression of the respiratory center and death. Thus, Cobra venom acts mainly on the Central nervous system, causing respiratory arrest.

The poison of vipers and other snakes mostly produce abnormalities of the hematopoietic system.

Thus, by the bite of poisonous snakes there comes a poisoning of the whole organism, and knowledge of the elements of first aid in their bites is a must.


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