Snake Bites

Emergency first aid

Immediately begin to suck and spit the venom out.

To call the doctor.

Don’t move and try to keep alone

place the limb or affected by the bite.

The toxicity of snake venom is so harmful to the human body, that time is given first aid after being bitten could save the victim’s life.

To date, there are hundreds of species of snakes, whose venom is capable of causing great harm to the human body. Usually, the toxins contained in the venoms cause paralysis, which applies to the whole body, including the respiratory system. Once the lungs lose the ability to contract, the person will be put to death.

According to biologists, the most dangerous bites: the Central Asian Cobra, Viper EFy. Other kinds of snakes, Viper or Copperhead, pose less danger. After their bites deaths are rare, but sometimes have severe complications.

Snakes that live in hot countries, are nocturnal, hiding by day in crevices of rocks or high grass. Most often the bites get while during the collection of berries, mushrooms, brushwood, at the time of haymaking. Possible snake bites and during the nights around the campfire, where they sometimes crawl, attracted by light and warmth.

While traveling in the wild it is recommended to wear high boots and loose fitting pants. If a pair of shoes on, the trousers tuck in them an overlap. Protect from snake bite and thick woolen socks. In order to push the bushes or grass, it is advisable to acquire in advance of a long stick-a stick and check it trail, as well as to examine crevices in the rocks, before grabbing their hands.

Remember that a snake only bites in defence. Therefore, in any case can not disturb her in case you met her better to move away and leave her alone.

The clinical picture

Typically, each individual case of the bite and the degree of poisoning toxins depends on the type of snake that bit the victim. By the bite of a Viper appear severe and prolonged pain, a large swelling at the site of the bite that spreads quickly to a large surface of the body, marked subcutaneous hemorrhage, drowsiness, fainting, agitation and sometimes seizures. Death can occur in half an hour, but sometimes much later (a day or more) with symptoms of collapse and stop breathing.

The Cobra bite is less painful, causes less swelling. Quickly develop disorders of speech and swallowing, dimming of consciousness, paralysis of motor muscles. Death can occur within 1-6 hours from paralysis of the respiratory muscles..

First aid

immediately begin to suck out the poison from the wound (pre-can “open” the wound by compression of the folds of skin in the bite area). Immediately started suctioning allows you to remove 30-50 % of the injected snake venom and thereby reduce toxicity. Suction can take on the victim and other persons. The procedure is safe, as snake venom is trapped in the mouth and stomach, does not cause poisoning. Continue suctioning should be 10-15 minutes, spitting out the contents of the wound;

call your doctor;

to lay the patient, not allowing him to move, because movement increase lymph flow and significantly accelerate the flow of venom into the General circulation;

do not cauterize the bite, it obkalyvanie any medication, incisions and other local impacts;

the tourniquet on the affected limb, usually contraindicated, as exacerbate the intoxication, reinforces destructive and hemorrhagic phenomena in the affected limb, promotes adherence to intoxication of severe shock. And only through the bites of cobras, the venom of which does not cause local violations of the trophic tissue and spreads rapidly through the blood vessels, allowed to slow the progress of intoxication the tourniquet above the bite for 30-40 min;

it is forbidden to drink alcohol, because alcohol is not an antidote, as some suppose, but rather hindering the excretion of the poison from the body, reinforces it.


Snake Bites
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