Amphibians and reptiles in the house

The amazing life of snakes. Snakes are very interesting and unusual. They are not like other animals. At the present time on our planet has about 3000 species of snakes. Of these species — 375 species of poisonous snakes. The poison after the snake bite quickly affects the body, as it consists of complex mixtures of proteins. Faster of all kinds kills the poison which affects the nervous system. This venom is called neurotoxic.

Of all the organs in snakes is present in the liver, kidneys, lungs and intestines. Anus snake occupies only the last quarter of her body, all the rest is a large number of bones of which consists of a Snake does not masticate the food. 200 snake teeth are for biting and grasping prey. The most toxic snake of all — it’s a Taipan in Australia. This snake can kill 100 people with one bite.

After the deposition of eggs, the snake crawls, and hatch them yourself, when the time comes. She doesn’t care about the eggs and feeds the newborn. Newborn snakes already have small teeth with which they break the shell and get out into the light. Usually snakes lay eggs, but a few species of snakes give birth immediately. If the snake lays eggs, she lays them in always warm Even if the production is more of a snake, it can swallow prey as they are because of the flexible jaw open your mouth very widely. For a seat to digest the prey, a snake’s heart can move twice on its position. This opportunity provides the elasticity of the tissue surrounding the snake heart. Alternately reducing and relaxing the muscles, the snake moves. This form of locomotion the serpent provides the minimum expenditure of effort and good speed in the desert and on the sand. Snake eyes are protected by transparent film.

How to choose the right turtle

Turtles are one of the long-lived Pets. But to be healthy and to live long it is necessary to properly purchase it.

First you need to decide what kind of turtle is it necessary to buy water or land. Of course, water turtles are much more interesting, but land turtles are easier to care for. Moreover, the types of aquatic turtles are more diverse, some of which are very beautiful. Also some species of aquatic turtles are not large in size. But land turtles can reach over five feet in length. And not everyone can afford such a large pet.

If the turtle will be the first pet, it is better to give preference to the most common types: marsh, Greek, Asian and others. For them it is much easier to maintain and easier to find food and fit for habitation.

It is best to purchase the turtles when they are most active, to the behavior of reptiles to understand: it is healthy or not. These favorable periods stretch from late spring to early autumn. After the winter and late autumn in the wild turtles hibernate, and is easy to buy healthy not very healthy turtle. And in the warmer months the turtle is much easier to transport without worrying that it will freeze.

Buying a turtle, you need to pay attention to her appearance. The carapace of the reptile healthy regular shape, no cracks, pads are exactly adjacent to each other. On the body of a turtle should not be flaky scales, spots, ulcers. If you pick up a healthy turtle, it will move the limbs, trying to escape. Patient’s a turtle would be hanging lifelessly. When approaching any subject to the neb reptiles, a healthy turtle will hide in the shell. In addition, healthy turtles should not be too dry eyes, not depressed, no flaking on the eyelids, too, should not be. The breath is also need to pay attention. Breathing healthy tortoise, we will not hear. And here at the reptile problems in the respiratory system, breathing will be difficult, you can hear the wheezing. From the nasal passages should not stand out any mucus or fluid.

When buying turtles also need to decide what age to buy it. Small young turtles are wonderful, but for them it is very difficult to care for, they are easily hurt, and procedures in place, it is very difficult to do yourself at home. Therefore it is better to take the older turtle, with proper care, they can live about twenty years!


Chameleons scaly this suborder, are able to change their color. They adapted to life in trees. Named after a mythical creature that could change its appearance. The average length of a chameleon is 30 cm long Scorpions Are just 5 cm, but 50 cm On the head of the chameleon there are bumps and ridges, and horns. Foot chameleon has a long and tenacious, which are ideal for climbing trees. The tail may curl into a spiral and entwine the branches. Aside from the ability to change color, chameleons have strange, at first glance, the eye. The eyelids are fused, however, there is a hole for the pupil. And interestingly, movements of the right and left eyes are not coordinated and can be rotated in different directions. Although it is widely believed that the chameleon changes its color to blend in with the environment, i.e., uses it as camouflage, it is not. Change the color of the chameleon occurs under the influence of external factors, such as, for example, temperature, humidity, and also under the influence of the internal state reptiles — hunger, thirst. If You want to keep a chameleon at home, you will need a small terrarium. But it is necessary to maintain a constant day and night temperature. And for the content of chameleon should take care of good lighting. Feeding chameleons as a rule, insects, such as crickets.

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