Useful tips and recommendations for children

Most poisonous snakes attack humans only in self-defense. And yet, be extremely careful when going in their habitats. Before you go for a walk in an unfamiliar area, ask local residents, what are the poisonous snakes found there.

In the forest and steppe zones of Central Russia lives adder, in the steppe zone-steppe Viper. The Caucasus and Transcaucasia live Viper, and the Caucasus, and Asia minor long-nosed Viper; on the South of Central Asia — sand Viper. Going to places where there are venomous snakes, you should wear closed and high shoes and tuck in the pants. Picking berries in the high shrubs, be careful where you step.

Adder like snakes, most of which are not poisonous. To distinguish a Viper from a poisonous snake is not very difficult (at the head of this snake is usually two yellow spots), and yet never catch snakes for fun.

If you see a slithering snake, don’t touch it. Let move anywhere she wanted. Get away from her as far as possible. A sure sign that a snake is going to attack, — a folding ring.

If, despite all precautions, you are bitten by a venomous snake, examine the bite. From the bite of non-venomous snakes are two thin scratches. By the bite of a poisonous snake will always be visible punctures from the teeth. Around the wound spread rapidly swelling and redness. The feeling of heat, dizziness, nausea, weakness, drowsiness, vomiting and severe pain.

Not wasting a minute, start to squeeze out from the wound blood poison. You can also suck out the poison, immediately spitting it out of his mouth. If you don’t get the mouth to bite, have someone from your party to do it.

But remember: neither you nor your companion, who will suck out the poison, in the mouth and on the lips should not be any, even the slightest, wounds and fractures.

As soon as possible, call a doctor!

Providing bitten by a poisonous snake man first aid until the doctor, put him to bed and don’t let him move to the bloodstream did not rise. Try to calm him down: nervousness speeds up the heart rate and blood circulation. The bite wash warm water with soap or potassium permanganate solution, then apply the dressing.

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