Poisonous snakes of the Brazilian won the island

Poisonous snakes were expelled from their island people.

Approximately 35 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo is the island, which is home to the largest number of venomous snakes in the world. These reptiles are known as Bothroyd Island (Bothropoides insularis). Moreover, they are extremely poisonous and can kill a person in less than an hour. Another name for this dangerous snake ’s Island jararaca”.

Landscapes natural landscapes in the public reserve Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil are so beautiful that their beauty will take your breath away. Among them is also famous for its beauty and the island Queimado Grande (Queimada Grande). This is an amazing, but dangerous island in the Atlantic ocean where there are a lot of snakes. This uninhabited island. People are afraid to come here because the entire island is inhabited by thousands of snakes. Which multiply constantly and rapidly increase their livestock.

Dangerous poison

Snakes of the genus “island jararaca” have an excellent response, fast attack and application of the bite, and also a very toxic poison. If a person is bitten by this snake, will not pass also hour as it will lead to death if not quickly use an antidote.

The Brazilians have nicknamed this island “Snake Island”. Almost no one dares to come near here, although there are legends about a few brave souls who dared one day to come to the island and land there. From 1909 to 1920, several people tried to live in this region, but none of it survived. According to local history, the last guard of this island-reserve and all his family were killed by a group of these extremely poisonous snakes. These snakes snuck into the home of the people through the open window and inflicted fatal bites. From that moment on, nobody doesn’t live here anymore. Island is designed only for researchers of the local fauna, which from time to time and come here for a while, observing extreme caution.

Biologists believe that at the moment on the island may have anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 snakes, although I do count them is almost impossible. Comes, per square meter here is the dense population of poisonous snakes. Contrary to the rumors that these dangerous reptiles were brought to the island the pirates to protect their hidden gold, experts believe that snakes appeared here and have multiplied to an incredible number of without any interference from humans. Snakes on this island live at least 1,000 years.

Unusual evolution

Approximately 11 000 years ago, sea level rose, isolating thus the island Queimado Grande from the Brazilian coast. Since then, the track still then a small snake population and the Brazilians, fortunately, broke up. The snakes went to the island in full possession, but the Brazilians had lost a dangerous predator in their territory. In the absence of predators and competitors of snakes on the island were able to develop very quickly and played. The only problem for these snakes – it is the lack of food in this confined space, however this does not prevent the population of snakes increase. In these conditions, 70-centimeter individuals have to climb on top of trees in order to hunt migratory birds. Snakes bite their prey, inject a poison that paralyzes and kills the victim and then slowly swallows it, and digests. Scientists believe that the evolution on the island has led to the fact that the venom of these snakes has become over time is five times stronger and more toxic than their counterparts living in other regions of the world.

According to statistics by the bite of this snake man dies in 7% of cases, even with timely acceptance of the antidote. The toxic venom of jararaca not only causes respiratory and muscular paralysis, and renal failure, but also can provoke bleeding in the brain.

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