Poisonous animals

When ucashenie poisonous snakes, the wound has the appearance of two dots —places where pierced teeth; behind and between them may be the bite marks not poisonous teeth in the form of two parallel rows of smaller dots. In the presence of large teeth of deputies, where they worked in the skin are visible in the form of points behind points from the fangs. The circumference of the bite (Viper) quickly turns red and swells up. When you bite through dress the wound may be very little visible or even prominent PE. When ucashenie poisonous snakes, there are multiple, more or less homogeneous, the points lying in four longitudinal series, or a bunch in no particular order. Poisoning a poison snake, there are local and General reaction of the organism to received the poison. The nature and first and second different when ucashenie different snakes, and it is possible to establish General differences between ha and prednisoneandcatsyi lukavyj snakes poisonous snakes (pharmacologic class — Cobra). Therefore, the action of snake venom consider the corresponding groups separately.

When ucashenie educavida (family Viperidae) immediately felt severe pain; swelling occurs rapidly, which from the bite spreads, for example, to the whole hand and even goes to the relevant part of the body; it is characterized by the formation of bruises in the form of points or spots of different sizes not only at the bite site, but also throughout the body. Usually at the bite site abscess is formed; after the opening of purulent ulcer collarbone; frequent necrosis of the affected tissues. Such a dramatic local effect depends on the direct influence of the poison on the tissues of the body.

After the local action the development of a General poisoning of the body, upon receipt of the poison in the blood stream and explode his body; observed—the patient drowsiness, dizziness, fainting, or, conversely, agitation, nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach, convulsions, bleeding from nose, hematuria, bleeding of the bite point, severe fatigue, frequent and weakening of the heart; the body gets cold, its temperature is lowered; shortness of breath; urine appears blood.

Non-fatal poisoning when the heart begins to work better and stronger; the body is warmed; the swelling subsides; but the weakness is felt for a long time, 2—3 months or more.

In severe cases, death occurs from respiratory arrest in a period of about g/2 to 7—8 days after the bite.

This is the General picture of poisoning by Viper, Viper, horned Viper, Viper and Copperhead snake. But in the nature of the flow of intoxication in each case, there will be differences, depending on the strength of the poisoning (the amount of poison, its properties, the bite, the depth of the bite, the richness of the vessels of the bite, the bitten status, etc.).

The most dangerous for human Viper, Viper, horned Viper; less dangerous pit Viper and steppe Viper.

When ucashenie spectacled snake — the site of the bite searing pain that is felt for several hours; the swelling without skin discoloration or with a light its redness; swelling weaker than ucashenie Viper, but it covers the entire bitten limb; from the wound oozing a bloody liquid, impregnating the affected tissue; in the case of recovery at the bite site formed a scab. In the site of the bite, the sensation of numbness, then covering the whole limb; local paresis.

Common symptoms develop in about 30 minutes after the bite: fatigue, weakness; patient is not kept on the legs; sense of anxiety; the face pale; the heart is working correctly initially; the temperature is normal or slightly increased: skin hot, nausea and vomiting; difficult breathing; involuntary urination and the excretion of faeces. Further development of symptoms of paralysis, extending to the muscles of the head; drooping of the eyelids and lower jaw; swelling of tongue (salivation); a speech disorder and swallowing.

Death from respiratory arrest while still continuing the work of the heart and response of pupils to light. Death may occur within 1 g/2 (rarely x/2) up to 6 hours or later — from 12 to 24 hours.

When non-fatal poisoning paralytic phenomena rectified, and the patient quickly recovers. The poison excreted by the kidneys within 1—2 hours, without compromising the correctness of their work. –

The main differences of the phenomena of poisoning when ucashenie the vipers (Viperidae) and cobras ekuseni (Colubridae) are given in the following table (p. 38).

From poisonous sea snake Hydrus platurus very dangerous to humans; famous deaths at 4 and even after 2 /2 hours after okusanya. Symptoms of poisoning are similar to symptoms after the bite of snake spectacle, but with weaker local phenomena.

The venom of Enhydrina valakadyen is more powerful than Cobra venom, causing direct paralysis of the respiratory centers and the terminations of the phrenic nerves.

The main differences of the action of the poison of vipers and snakes spectacled depend on the presence in the venom of vipers hemorragia, causing the formation of hemorrhages, whereas Cobra venom is rich in neuro-

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