The Bites of poisonous snakes, symptoms and treatment

When the snake bites the world’s leading pathological factor is intoxication, and sometimes role plays and sensitization to poison.

Symptoms . Typical symptoms of intoxication: nausea, vomiting, violet, crimson spots of various sizes and swelling at the bite site, swollen lymph nodes, weakness, increased sweating, pain in the bite location, the nearby muscles by gradually strengthening them, hemorrhagic skin rash near the bite, like syndrome, including emotional shock, epistaxis. gangrene of the skin at the bite site, etc. these symptoms can accede to an allergic reaction of varying severity. Clinical manifestations of snake venom poisoning is extremely diverse and depend on the number neirolepticeski, proteolytic and cytolytic agents, coagulants, enzymes in the venom.

Fundamentally we can distinguish two types of toxicity: neurotoxic and hemorrhagic. For the first type is characterized by a sharp pain in the area of the bite with subsequent development of myalgia, General weakness and fatigue, headache, dysphagia; for the second, burning pain at the bite location, with a strong swelling around it and the appearance of hemorrhages.

Treatment . Child, bitten by a snake (and adult!), should ensure complete rest with minimal Continue reading

Snakes of the Northern Caucasus

The man himself does not understand his condition, when you glance at the snake begins to rise pressure, quickened heartbeat and released adrenaline into the blood. Judging by the fact that we offer a continual documentaries about animals, with snakes better not to face. Who knows, this may be your last meeting face to face with danger. Needless to say that snakes inhabit the entire planet, without exception? Besides the usual for us vipers and water-snakes there are about 500 species of snakes, of which we have not only not seen, but about which we never heard.

A little bit about snake color

Snake coloration can be varied. For the most part she prisposobitsya and depends on the environment that is around. Snakes are the real chameleons, masters of hide and seek in the rocks, greenery, sand, etc. So the colour corresponds to the tree snakes, and yellowish-sandy posting representatives of the species. The coloration of some species, for example the Gabon Viper or tiger Python seems too bright, cutting human eye.

On the territory of the North Caucasus it is possible to meet a wide variety of reptiles. Ranging from plain brown to red and orange. Continue reading

The Art of survival.

All snakes swim well. Usually hunt at night. Crawl with speeds up to 8 km/h. Vipers can be found in the burrows of animals, rotten stumps, bushes, and clefts of the rocks. Often Viper basking in the sun. When meeting with Viper is better not to make sharp movements. On Cobra you can stumble into an abandoned building. Known cases of catching cobras in populated areas and even in large cities. Some cobras spit venom into the eyes with great precision. Viper can settle in cropland. It well through the trees, capable of sharp shots almost the entire length of the body. When the EFA movement produces a rustling — bristled brush on the sides of the body. Snakes and colubrid snakes bite. Their fangs are situated at the back of the jaw and are designed for small prey, which has already slipped into his mouth. Saliva from non-venomous teeth can also cause soreness. Rules of conduct in the “snake” places:

1) not to touch the snakes;

2) wear boots;

3) be especially careful in the thick grass, overgrown pits;

4) not to walk at night — at least, without the lantern: many snakes are especially active on warm summer nights;

5) where a lot of rodents, there Continue reading

First aid for snake bites

The bites of some snakes can be extremely dangerous for health and even for human life. The most dangerous venomous snakes include — Viper, sand Viper, Cobra and Viper. Fortunately, snakes very rarely attack people, except when a person intentionally or negligently himself bothering them.

The main signs of poisonous snakebite include:

Having one or two scratches with one or two point wounds from the fangs. (If the bite is not poisonous snake, the body will only scratch, without point RAS).

In the area of the sting is localized pain, almost immediately there is a growing swelling.

Cold sweat, fever, nausea, muscle weakness, vomiting, and other signs of intoxication.

Of double vision.

Breathing is difficult.

Favorable outcome after being bitten by a poisonous snake depends entirely on the correct and timely given first aid. So if you were unable to avoid a snake bite, you must take the following steps:

Call for emergency help.

To limit the mobility of the victim to the poison so quickly spread throughout the body.

To remove all decorations from the limbs and clothes, as the growth of oedema compressing the soft tissue.

If the affected limb, she needs to be completely immobilized. For example, if a leg, you need to bandage it to healthy. In case of a bite in the arm, Continue reading

If you decide to get a snake

Snakes kept in large terrariums or aquariums. Not worth it to undertake manufacturing such a vessel. There are special stores, where everything can be bought.

Still need to buy a bulb to secure it in the side wall. You will need to understand the behavior of snakes, what temperature she likes most. You can’t make snake froze. So if she falls asleep in the cool part of the cage, the lamp should move a little closer to the snake. As snakes love humidity, at least once a day, the terrarium should sprinkle it with water.

Even snakes need a litter. Depending on whether you have a snake, the litter can serve as: gravel, peat, sand, grass, large shavings. Artificial turf is more convenient and more practical because easy to clean with water and ready for further use.

All snakes need shelter. A kind of house, where she can hide. If it is not, the snake will feel uncomfortable and may even get sick. This «home#187; can be purchased. Or make-shift materials, for example, it may be the most common inverted flower pot, or any other earthen vessel.
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First aid for snake bites
The bites of some snakes can be extremely dangerous for health and even for human life. The most dangerous venomous snakes include — Viper, sand Viper, Cobra and Viper. Fortunately,…

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