Maksinova snake

Typically the types get their names on some of their characteristics. Maksinova snake (Agkistrodon SPP. ) was originally named because of the copper coloring on the rear side of the head. Maksinova snake red in color and has a dark or brown stripes. Size maksimovoj adult snake ranges from 20 to 40 inches (51-102 cm), and young snakes can be recognized by yellowish or greenish marks on the tail, and they are more grayish than adults.

The appearance of some subtypes maksimovoj snakes may be different from the others, this snake is allowed a certain degree of deviation.

There are some strange myths about snakes Maksimovich. One of them is that black snakes can interbreed with maksimovym snakes, in the end there is a poisonous black snake. Another says that maksinova snake smells like cucumber – which, as a rule, is not true, as they emit a secretion, which has the smell of cucumber, only when scared. The funniest myth about the snake maksimovoj said that the cubs maksimovoj snakes more poisonous than adult individuals.

Actually, even though mocassini snakes are poisonous and their bite is very painful bite maksimovoj snakes are usually not fatal.

Adults mocassini snakes prefer rodents such as mice.

Life cycle Maksimovich snakes

Mocassini snakes are viviparous – the embryos develop within the female body, and in the late summer or early fall she gives birth to 3-10 young snakes. The young snakes are 8-10 inches (20-26 cm). Young individuals maksimovoj snakes resemble adults, except with a more grayish color and yellowish marks on the tail.

The snake bites maksimovoj

According to the centers poisons US in total in 2001, there were 769 cases of bites. In total, these bites make up 37 percent of the total number of bites by poisonous snakes.

In some States the proportion of bites by poisonous snakes Maksimovich much higher. In North Carolina for 40 years, 64 percent of all bites by poisonous snakes were snakes Maksimovich.

Maksimovich snake bites can cause swelling, local tissue injury, abnormally low blood pressure, lack of blood clotting and General pain in all limbs. However, when the serpent bites Maksimovich lead to death, is very rare. In recent years there were a lot of reports of fatal snake bites maksimovoj. However, many believe that a former police officer from Madison County, Texas in 2006 died from the poison of the snake maksimovoj. The likelihood of death from the bite of this snake and intoxication is less than 1:5000. However, the bites can have serious health consequences and require immediate medical intervention.


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