Electronic sound mosquito snake

Sound vibrations scare a snake?

As soon as it became clear that uneven sound vibrations of low frequency snake is perceived as a signal of higher risk . was immediately developed an electronic low-frequency sound repeller snakes . During the first tests it became clear that this electronic device with a high degree of reliability ethanael all snakes, without exception, venomous and completely harmless. Thus, buying in the online store «Magatech” electronic low-frequency sound repeller any model, You will protect yourself and Your loved ones from the encounter with the snakes at the cottage, the garden and the vegetable garden, as well as during a picnic or camping trip and all the unpleasant consequences associated with them. Low-frequency electronic mosquito snakes possess the following indisputable advantages:

Device do not use chemicals or poisons;

The devices operate around the clock and make sounds of low frequency at time intervals of 40 – 50 seconds, and different duration of the pulses themselves that cause the snakes to leave the area to be protected;

Some devices equipped with led light which shines in the dark up to 6 hours in a row;

The devices operate from a battery charged by a solar panel so you don’t have to worry about installing and replacing the batteries, or from batteries.

Buying a low-frequency electronic mosquito snakes in the online store «Magatech”, You have a 100% guarantee that You will sell quality electronic device manufactured using the latest innovative technology, which has high efficiency and excellent performance.

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Venomous snakes – most dangerous animals in the wild

The snake from ancient times to arouse people’s sense of fear and even disgust. Moving silently, ominously Sizzling, cold, unblinking creature with a forked tongue, and even poisonous, and they now seem to people come from the other world. One only as its external snake makes a person nervous. Her unblinking gaze hypnotizes the man, but when seemingly small snake opens its jaws, putting forth its poisonous teeth, which seems huge and therefore terrible, even the most courageous man instantly panics.

Yet people somehow believe the serpent wise, and she also represents evil, temptation, sin, adultery and not only that. It is also a snake nature, space power, chaos. Snake is associated with many myths, they in some way reflected in all world religions. People’s attitudes to snakes is a very complex and ambiguous, but the main conclusion is that – venomous snakes dangerous to humans and should be avoided, so only do this is very difficult. Human habitation and agriculture attracts mice and rats, which prey on snakes, but because these reptiles though and try to avoid humans, also live nearby, but certainly not all.

In the wild, there are about 3,000 kinds of snakes. Of them in Central Russia there are only a small number of them – Oh, snake, smooth snake, adder. The first three are completely harmless. Only one poisonous Viper and, under certain circumstances, its bite deadly. From the bite of a Viper dies in about 1% of people, mostly young children.

Snakes are not the enemies of man. Barely hearing the steps, the Viper prefers to get away from him, but sometimes the ways of man and snake overlap. This snake never attacks a man first and her bite is the last resort of self-defense. Because vipers prey on mice and small rats, kill them should not, however, venomous snakes are the most dangerous animals in the wild, and the Viper is one of them, and since she has excellent camouflage coloration of the body, the person needs to be careful and cautious.

The best way to protect from venomous snakes – electronic sonic mosquito

Since ancient times, people have devised various ways to protect from poisonous snakes . but all their efforts were in vain. Only in the late twentieth century, when scientists serpentary, and with them scientists and acoustics designers have combined their efforts, was invented nizkochastotnykh electronic sonic repeller snakes . However, long before that day, it was noticed that snakes, like moles and other digging animals, and even insects, shortly before the earthquake, are selected from holes outwards. People with well-developed hearing in such moments, is also able to hear low-frequency sounds, the most characteristic signs of the coming earthquakes that produce underground stone formations.

These observations were the basis of those experiments, during which it was possible to establish the following – any snake, and with them also moles and other digging animals and insects living under the ground, it can not tolerate even a very loud low-frequency sounds in the range of 300-400 Hz, and it’s not the fear of earthquakes. Everything is explained much easier in these animals extremely well-developed that area of the ear that picks up low-frequency sounds, and with them seismology. Both alone and others are evidence that some predator tries to dig a hole and eating them.


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