In the Kherson region a poisonous snake attack

Resident Hola Prystan district, Kherson region was in intensive care after being bitten by a Viper.

As reported in Department of interaction with mass media of the Main Directorate of MOE in Kherson oblast, July 8, in the forest belt near the village Rybal’che local 41-year-old resident noticed a reptile similar to the grey steppe Viper. After being bitten in the arm he went to the hospital and was immediately hospitalized. Now the victim is in the intensive care unit CRH Hola Prystan in a state of moderate severity.


The localization of large-scale fire in the forest quarters on the territory of the special enterprise “Chornobyl Puscha” continue.

This was stated by acting head of State service for emergency situations of the Zoryan Shkiriak in my Facebook.

“No panic and hysteria! The situation was complicated, but perfectly controlled. The spread of fire in the direction of the Chernobyl NPP stopped, no threats, no! The radiation background is normal. Thanks to the effective and timely use of our aircraft were able to extinguish the hearth crown fire. Now the localization work continues. Forces and means enough,” he wrote

Together with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Shkiryak carried out a full survey of the territory large-scale fires in the exclusion zone.

“Fire squads work smoothly. To help regional firefighters came units and technology fire protection of Kiev”, – summarized the acting head of the Department.

As reported by “Observer”, on the evening of 28 April, the progress of liquidation of state of emergency were inspected by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He called it the biggest fire since 1992.

In turn, the head of the forest Department, “Greenpeace Russia” Alexey Yaroshenko said that according to the representatives of the organization, which is based on satellite images, the fire area exceeds 10 thousand hectares.

In addition, employees of militia evacuated people from the exclusion zone near Chernobyl NPP. Militiamen claim that the situation with the fire escalated.

“Ukrainian question is one of the key at each meeting of the European Council,” – said Donald Tusk.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk promises to act as a guarantee that the Ukrainian issue remains a priority for Europe. He said this in an interview, reports UNN .

“Ukrainian question is one of the key at each meeting of the European Council. And I personally guarantee that Ukraine will be a priority for Europe, but of course as any other critical situation,” – said Tusk.

He added that the EU should deal with the consequences of the crisis, moreover, the EU now has to deal with the influx of illegal migrants and the like.

“My duty and my responsibility to achieve a balance in the various challenges. But you can be sure that I’m going to tell the security guard your interests,” he added.

We will remind, the European Commission announced a joint broad consultation on the revision of the European neighbourhood policy, published the document “Towards a new European neighbourhood policy”. The EC now expects to receive a vision partner countries, including Ukraine.

Prem courier-MNTR Arseny Yatsenyuk supereco, that between him and President to be sharpened competitive borotba.

About TSE saying he had had prezentat 100 days diyalnosti uryadu, Pereda correspondent UKRINFORM.

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