In Tajikistan, the bites of poisonous snakes is not fixed

With the arrival of spring in Tajikistan there is a threat of attacks of venomous snakes in humans, however, according to official data, while accidents and deaths have been avoided.

According to statistics, from snake bites worldwide every year affects about 2 million people. Of them dies about 40 thousand. We in the Republic of venomous snakes are found almost everywhere, including densely populated points and the capital.

– Poisoning the poison of the snake is always dangerous to life. It is therefore very important to be able to provide the victim an ambulance, because of the speed assist is very often human life depends, – said in an interview to “the evening Brest”, the Deputy head of the Republican sanitary and epidemiological, Navruz Jafarov.

According to him, if possible, bitten by a snake (after first aid) should definitely contact the nearest medical facility, where he will be introduced specific antitoxic serum.

We as a medical institution of national importance, always have a stock of serum against snake bites. At the same time, each medical institution, in particular regional has the similar drugs and can be used in case of necessity – he said.

Snake bites can be poisonous and non-poisonous. Bite non-poisonous snake leaves on the body 2 a strip of thin minor scratches. The snake bite also leaves 2 strips scratches, but at the end of each strip there is a puncture of the fangs.

In Tajikistan there are several species of poisonous snakes, the most common are:

– The Viper (especially dangerous Viper and carpet Viper).

– Asps (this includes Cobra).

– The serum that we have in service, 3 in 1 designed for the bites of these snakes, but it is encouraging to note that the official bodies for the past year and the beginning of the current, fact-bites of venomous snakes in the country are not registered, – said our source.

P. S. What you should never do.

In contrast to common belief by the bite of poisonous snakes is strictly forbidden: give alcohol, tea, coffee, stimulating the heart, but water to avoid dehydration. Never incise, cauterize or suck the wound. Assigned before corticotherapy and heparin (for local use) does not prevent the development of edema and necrosis! Also not recommended tourniquet as violating the normal blood flow, which can cause irreversible consequences. Never charging anyone to introduce the serum or other drugs outside of a medical establishment – medication can cause more harm than the bite.


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