If you decide to get a snake

Snakes kept in large terrariums or aquariums. Not worth it to undertake manufacturing such a vessel. There are special stores, where everything can be bought.

Still need to buy a bulb to secure it in the side wall. You will need to understand the behavior of snakes, what temperature she likes most. You can’t make snake froze. So if she falls asleep in the cool part of the cage, the lamp should move a little closer to the snake. As snakes love humidity, at least once a day, the terrarium should sprinkle it with water.

Even snakes need a litter. Depending on whether you have a snake, the litter can serve as: gravel, peat, sand, grass, large shavings. Artificial turf is more convenient and more practical because easy to clean with water and ready for further use.

All snakes need shelter. A kind of house, where she can hide. If it is not, the snake will feel uncomfortable and may even get sick. This «home#187; can be purchased. Or make-shift materials, for example, it may be the most common inverted flower pot, or any other earthen vessel.
With regards to the drinking vessel, it is best to use dishes such volume that the snake is easily able to sleep. Add in the terrarium some branches. It diversifies its interior.

Everyone knows that most snakes are themselves predators. If you have strong nerves and a great desire to keep such a pet, then you’ll be fine. However, if you are even a little doubt, it is better not to risk it. Often snakes are fed mice, rats. Best way to present this kind of «feed» dead, without teeth. Because the snake during the capture or the process of eating can hurt their insides.

After the snake has eaten, it is not necessary some time to touch it at all. She needs her rest and time. As a rule, snakes are fed about once a week. Sometimes the interval between feedings can be about 10 days. If the snake spit up the food, it is not necessary again to try to feed. For reliability it is better to contact the vet.

If you still have other Pets — such as cats, dogs, try to keep them away from the habitat of the snake. They can inadvertently at the time «discover» corny to hurt each other.

Snakes are prone to moulting. So if snake eyes are white or the color became lighter — do not worry. After about a week it will pass.

Also not advisable to keep together different types of snakes. Each species has their own demeanor and her terrarium should belong only to her.


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