Hooks for snakes

Hook – a very necessary tool for everyone, especially experienced, sleeved. It would seem, why an experienced smesevogo need a tool to handle serpents is able, and unnecessary fussy movements does not. But here, as in the advertising of cigarettes Davidoff – “understanding comes from experience” (with). Over the years, acquiring not sickly collection of not the most peaceful and harmless snakes, everyone, including I, began to think about a convenient, easy, safe for themselves and for the snake tool. If “novice” as a tool to catch one or two medium-sized snakes (snakes, Royal, etc.) to use the means at hand – the various modified mops, clothes hanger, aluminium wire, etc. or simply to catch a pet owner, then “advanced” users, this option will not pass In the first place, the dimensions of Pets do not allow them to catch anything, and secondly, some species are very nimble and aggressive, easily slip and wind up with an uncomfortable and unprofessional hooks, third (very important) – nice to use and good quality tools.

At the time, I’m seriously puzzled by finding good equipment. Unfortunately, the Russian proposals neither the hooks or clamps for snakes in those days. On the Internet found a company in Texas that made the Professor hooks made of titanium Golf clubs. The price was quite high – about 500 bucks. But it was in far 90-x, and about any buying and shipping of this device and then the speech was not. This enabled me to manufacture of the first hook. from domestic aluminum spinning. By the way, it was a wonderful hook, I used them for many years. But the collection is constantly growing, there were new species of snakes, with them grew and skill in the manufacture of hooks so closer to the subject!

The hooks are different! In principle, universal hooks don’t exist – any manufacturer offers at least 4 to 5 sizes of hooks. Typically, this hook is for boys, for Teens, for adults, medium-sized snakes (Polazna, milk and others like them), snakes of medium size (the medium body, some poisons), for large snakes (large body, cobras, rattle snakes, etc) and the so-called special hooks which do not fit into one of the following options. These special hooks are made for snakes not quite the standard or body structure, or temperament (courtesy, habony, some Cobra, Mamba, long and elongated, body, etc.). And the last category hooks – made in the single copy under the order for a specific owner.

Material for the manufacture of hooks are lightweight and durable materials: titanium, stainless steel, duralumin. As the arms are already mentioned in my titanium Golf clubs, fiberglass, carbon, bamboo, etc the Main requirement for any hook – a convenience for both Keeper and snake. For the Keeper – convenient not sliding handle, easy, quick manipulation, etc. For snakes – suitable bending radius of the hook, the tip is not traumatic, etc. In General, and to man, and the snake was convenient

Here are the most simple and budget type of hooks. The handle is made of bamboo and the hook made of aluminum. Winding – synthetic sling, non-slip and easy to clean. The radius of the hook is selected depending on species of snakes, 5 to 15 cm, the length is also selected to the snake – from 50 to 100 cm Is most standard and, one might say, universal hooks.

Now the more complicated models – carbon fiber handle, titanium hook. The size is also different, depending on the form of snakes. Typically, these hooks order 2 – 3 sizes, used in pairs or singly. In addition to the shape and size of the hook is set and the surface roughness is large and heavy snakes make the polished surface (that could slip), for medium snakes and small fry – rough – for her to cling and not slide off. This is especially important for small poisons – drevesini.

This is my personal set of hooks – small for fry and youngsters, the other for larger snakes:

This is a detailed look convenient handles and hooks:

Then a few snaps hooks special made under certain snakes.

These hooks make for Kabanov and Kutusov. Snake large, massive, with a rather loose body, on the usual hook of circular cross-section “zalamyvayutsya”, so are the hooks of triangular cross-section with a slight angle bend of the hook, but a large radius. It is desirable to operate the two hooks to prevent fracture of the body. Length, usually not more than 1 meter.

The hooks of such a plan are used for larger snakes and fast: a number of poisons, elongated, and long-range boidov and other features of the hook – length over 120 cm, weight about 300 grams, can withstand bending more than 10 kg (tested with bucket of water), the length of the shank of a hook suitable for securing the head to the floor. Material – carbon fibre and titanium.

Is it a custom hook, made in one piece. The handle – horn of deer, rod 6 mm polished stainless steel, the bending radius of 6 cm, total length 52 cm At the end of the handle sleeve printed W P/38 caliber 9 mm

In General, hook shall be manufactured under a certain type or “Constitution” of snakes. The hook for Chandra is one thing, but to Kofi. Although both green and hanging on the branches.

How to work with hooks? Very simple – go and catch the snake for the front or middle part of the body. If the snake is highly aggressive – you can use two hooks: one raise, the second cut off the rolls and lock the head. The main thing – not to hurt the snake and do not let yourself to snap.

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