Home types of snakes

An increasing number of people strive to acquire a snake as a pet. Looking is on any representative of this family once it becomes clear that while the desire of a minority to stand out that way. Snakes inherent qualities such as composure, calmness, in which there is danger of death – all this is simply mesmerizing. And yet when choosing a snake for home detention should base their choices not only on externally aesthetic side of the question, but how tame that particular view. Although, in the opinion of the vast majority of serpentbloom, snakes, like most reptiles, do not lend themselves to domestication. And yet, when choosing a snake as a pet must pay attention to the following questions, in addition to its price: the nature of the snake and its behavior; the poisonous snakes or the strength of her grip; the gastronomic preferences of the snake.

There are a number of kinds of serpents, great suitable for keeping in the apartment:


Very unpretentious in the content. Is a favorite of many because of its beautiful green-and-white color. The maximum length is 120 cm, in captivity these snakes live longer 10 years.

Snakes prefer fish, fresh meat, mice, quail eggs. The frequency of feeding snakes should not exceed five days. Usually a snake kept in captivity in a horizontal terrarium, with dimensions not less HH cm terrarium and shelter. The most important thing that you must remember for the maintenance patterned runner: a few individuals are found in different terrariums.

King snake

Very beautiful, bright snake, white color with yellow stripes or white with black and red stripes. Leads daily terrestrial way of life, the duration of which is up to 10 years. Contained in a horizontal terrarium of the same size, as in the case of patterned runner. Prefers mice, large individuals suitable and rats. By the way, the snake can grow up to 100 cm long.

The Royal Python or Python-ball

Pythons quite gentle, non-toxic, quickly getting used to the owner of the snake. Inexpensive price, lifespan, frequency of feeding and non-aggressive nature makes Python the best selling at the moment a snake in the world. The pythons semi-natural habitat, but because they can be kept in vertical terrariums, are very important only to observe accurately the humidity, it should not be less than 80%, otherwise Python may refuse to eat. Adults can reach 150 cm in length.

If you have decided to choose as a pet snake, you must be very confident that you will not have difficulties when you try to pick up a snake in his hands. Also need to be more than sure that you will be able to pay to feed a snake a live mouse or rat – after all, absolutely all snakes are the way of life of a predator.


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