First aid to the victim of the bite of serpents

As a rule, the shooting of the snake and the bite is hard not to notice. In the first minutes after the bite of such serpents, as vipers, at the site of injury there is pain and a burning sensation. Around the bite appears redness, multiple hemorrhages, rapidly spreading edema. The severity of the consequences depends on the location of the bite (bites to the head and torso more dangerous than in the leg), the age and state of health of the victim. For example, children, especially under 3 years of age, suffer heavier snake bite than adults.

If you move away to the South, one can see other species of snakes. Poison, for example, cobras, sea snakes, some species of tropical rattlesnake, which affects the nervous system, causes muscle weakness, dizziness, numbness and aching pain in the limbs, sometimes vomiting, fever up to 38-39°C. Death may occur from paralysis of the respiratory centre. However, after these snakes outward signs at the bite site void: two points of puncture on the skin and slight swelling around them.

First aid to the victim of a snake bite

Assistance begin to provide immediate and energetic content sucking the wound. The person conducting the removal of the poison spit should continuously extracting liquid. To deal with the removal of the poison thus makes sense about the first 15-20 minutes after the bite. Then, if possible, the wound treated with iodine, alcohol, brilliant green (brilliant green). Then provide a fixed position of the bitten limb, create all possible conditions for the repose of the victim. It must quickly be transported to a hospital, where he will be given further medical assistance.

What not to do when snake bite

Victim of snake bite is absolutely contraindicated to make a skin incision at the bite site, apply a tourniquet; do not give to drink alcohol, vodka, to enter into the zone of the bite potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or other oxidizing agents, cauterizing the bite. All this not only weakens and retards the action of snake venom on the body, but, on the contrary, greatly increases it, contributing to severe complications.

How to protect yourself from snake bites

If you are going out of town, for example, at the cottage or in the woods, then personal prevention of snake bites can be provided by some additional means and measures. For example, wearing high shoes. For this good fit leather or rubber boots. Clothes is better to wear thick. If you went into the woods, then carefully inspect the Parking lot. Remember that in a Midland of Russia is not aggressive snakes. They bite people only in self-defence. The bites are most often people trying to either catch or kill the snake (usually children and adolescents). Therefore, persons traveling to the territory where they can live snakes, you should know the peculiarities of behavior of snakes and, if possible, to have a specific serums «antihorse” and “ANTICOR” that must be entered no later than 30 minutes after snakebite.

Snakes — benefit or harm?

Historically the Russian people have a tradition to kill any snake. Meanwhile, benefit from snakes to humans much more than harm. Many species of snakes are perfectly cut off the vectors of dangerous diseases — rodents, harmful insects, molluscs. The snake venom has found wide application in medicine. It is used to cook different types of drugs used in the treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, myositis, etc. Snakes in some regions of the country are an important part of the food chain for a significant change in the number of snakes could affect the ecological condition of the region.

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