First aid for snake bites

Human life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are not very pleasant and sometimes even deadly. One of the very common dangers – animal bite or insect, especially in the spring and summer.

Most often bitten by domestic dogs, rarely cats and sometimes wildlife or street. Especially dangerous bites of animals with rabies. The rabies virus enters the bloodstream of the affected with the saliva of the animal. And not always from animal bites externally visible symptoms of this disease.

In warm seasons, when we spend much of our time on the street, serious health risks are insects and snakes. In their body continuously or periodically contains toxic substances that when released into the human blood can pose a serious health hazard. Distinguish between actively – and passively-venomous animals in which the poison is secreted through the gland or found in a variety of tissues and organs, respectively.

First aid for snake bites

Although not all species of snakes are poisonous to humans, it is still worth any unfamiliar snake, a priori, be considered as poisonous and dangerous. However, it will not hurt to learn the signs of a safe snakes, especially if you go camping or drive out of town.

When meeting with a snake should be used with caution. Do not attempt to catch snakes or play with them. Even if the snake is small and seems safe, it moves many times faster than humans and its bite is very difficult to prevent. But snakes always warn about the attack: some shake their heads, some hiss, some ball rings.

Also be careful with the dead snakes. Some of them the poison may retain its properties for a very long time, so even an accidental prick of the snake tooth dead much can cause poisoning.

If you are bitten by a snake, is strictly prohibited:

To cauterize the bite. If the snake had bit the skin, then you will only burn the tissue, and the poison is not output. To cut the bite it is impossible for the same reasons, and cauterize the wound. You will cause yourself more harm than good. You cannot consume alcohol, especially through the bites of coral snakes. Alcohol retards the excretion of poisons from the body. You cannot make grass and other things that are at hand. You can add contamination. We can not apply a tourniquet, especially when the bite of Viper snakes and alkoholowych. Normal blood supply will not mertveci limbs, but the blood disorder can lead to tissue degeneration

First aid for snake bite:

After the bite to provide to the victim rest in a horizontal position. Suck out the poison. On the wound need to press your fingers and vigorously suck out the venom by mouth. To suck out the poison must be made within 15 minutes without interruption, this allows you to remove from the body of the victim to 50% of the poison. The sucking process is not dangerous to the person providing assistance. Even if he has cracked lips or mouth sores there. If the victim is alone, then he must produce the suction. Disinfect the wound and apply a sterile dressing. Care should be taken that the bandage does not cut into the soft tissues and occasionally weaken it. When you bite in the leg maximum Immobilise her. Pribintuyte bitten limb to a healthy and place something under your knees so they are raised slightly. When you bite the hand it should be kept in a bent position. The victim should drink more water to promote the excretion of poisons from the body. Any liquid, except coffee. The victim as soon as possible should be in a medical facility, where he will provide professional assistance. In case of emergency the victim needs to carry out continuous artificial respiration and heart massage. It is desirable to find a snake and deliver them to the doctor for investigation.

Poisoning snake venom is always dangerous to life. Therefore, after first aid, the victim must take to a doctor even if the hospital is in few days. The doctor will do an exam of the person bitten and inject antitoxic serum.

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