First aid for snake bites

Anywhere in nature you can meet the snake . You should not attempt to kill or catch, and she will flee the battlefield. Most often the snake crawls away from the loud steps of the man. Back off, creating a rustling sound. If you child, take him in his arms.

If you stepped on a snake and somehow caused her more anxiety, the more likely it will be to attack.

Keep in mind that a snake bite will not be able to charge more than 30-40 cm, and will not be able to bite through fairly thick clothing.

The only poisonous snake that lives in the European part of Russia is a Viper . External distinctive sign of the Viper — a characteristic zigzag pattern on the back, the color of the color is different, sometimes dark and poorly visible pattern.

Naaguveya snakes of this area are mainly represented by various types of colubrid — snakes, snakes, Copperhead.

Snakes have a long thin tail, very different coloration, but differ from other snakes “yellow ears” — a vivid markings on the head, usually yellow, but sometimes white and orange.

Sometimes the “ears” of the snake blend color on the entire body and difficult to see. So not an expert on snakes, in rare cases, the adder and the grass snake maybe confused.

There are many outward signs that distinguish a poisonous snake from a non poisonous, but there is not a single universal and unambiguous basis for all kinds of snakes. But if you are bitten by a snake, it does not mean that it is not so. Snakes are cowardly and would rather prefer to hide, but they may also take the stand, hissing and threatening to bite.

If you don’t know what a snake bite done, start immediately to provide victim assistance, as by the bite of a poisonous snake.

The bite of any snake is perceived as a pinprick. But after being bitten by poisonous snakes begin to flourish, both local and General symptoms of poisoning.

Signs of poisonous snakebite:

One or two point wounds.

Rapidly developing edema, hemorrhage, similar to a large bruise, the pain increasing.

Then develops a General reaction: fever, cold sweat, nausea and vomiting, muscle weakness.

Impaired vision (the”split” in the eyes).

Possible shortness of breath.

So, what to do if bitten by a snake?

The victim must be calm, do not let him move, especially not to move the affected limb — so will not be promoted the spread of the poison through the body. The bitten limb should be immobilized. for fractures (to fix both the closest joint).

Determine if if the poison on the clothes, on the skin around the bite. One hand pressed to the bite you can add poison into the wound. Remove from the skin, that he did not get into the blood.

It is believed that sucking out the venom with your mouth is quite safe, if you constantly spit suction the liquid, and periodically rinse the mouth.

First of all, try as soon as possible to suck the venom out, spitting constantly (15 minutes). Sucking out the poison of a snake bite is a very effective help, but if you have mouth sores, the poison may enter through them into your blood. In addition, the victim may be a serious infection and you can become infected in this way. If you are not sure that you are ready to risk themselves for the sake of the victim, to suck out the poison production banks (vial) in which you need to burn out the oxygen. to invent a special device for the suction of blood is 1 minute.

However, the methods of extraction of the poison is not always highly effective. The result depends on how quickly you started the event (preferably within a few seconds after the bite) and because, as far as a deep bite. Besides, the wound quickly closed and become swollen. So do not waste precious seconds to drag the victim to a more convenient place and not panic and act quickly and calmly.

It is also helpful to drink a lot, best diuretic (cranberry, cranberry) — this will allow you to withdraw some of the poison from the body. Coffee and alcohol are contraindicated.

While you have help, have someone call an ambulance, if possible, and if not — you need to deliver the injured to hospitals on their own, where he gets injected serum “Anticaduta”

If the hospital is too far away to call an ambulance or impossible, ask all the neighbors, maybe someone keeps in the refrigerator of the vial with the serum. Keep in mind that before the introduction of serum -and 25-30 minutes to take prednisolone (5-10 mg 1-2 tablets), and the therapeutic anti-typhoid serum administered in the interscapular region subcutaneously with 500 — 1000 AE (1-2 ampoules). Administered the serum only fractionally, from 0.1 ml. contraindications to the introduction of anti-typhoid serum is the development of anaphylactic shock with the introduction of 0.1–0.25 ml of serum — due to Allergy to protein of serum. In the accompanying sheet, specify the time, enter a therapeutic anti-typhoid serum and prednisolone. Use the “Antigypsy” against bite of adder is not appropriate.

What NOT to do when snake bite?

You can’t apply a tourniquet on the bitten limb . Nekrotizirutee poison, and tied with a tourniquet, delayed in the affected limb and are likely to cause necrosis, which ultimately can lead to amputation (before application of a tourniquet was considered a good method to delay the poison. but observations have shown poor results this event).

To cauterize the bite is useless, thus you can seriously harm surrounding tissues, and not to counteract the poison.

No need to put incisions and the incisions at the bite sites . This will help bring a sufficient amount of poison and will only provoke the development of infection and the emergence of long non-healing wounds.

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