First aid for snake bites

The bites of some snakes can be extremely dangerous for health and even for human life. The most dangerous venomous snakes include — Viper, sand Viper, Cobra and Viper. Fortunately, snakes very rarely attack people, except when a person intentionally or negligently himself bothering them.

The main signs of poisonous snakebite include:

Having one or two scratches with one or two point wounds from the fangs. (If the bite is not poisonous snake, the body will only scratch, without point RAS).

In the area of the sting is localized pain, almost immediately there is a growing swelling.

Cold sweat, fever, nausea, muscle weakness, vomiting, and other signs of intoxication.

Of double vision.

Breathing is difficult.

Favorable outcome after being bitten by a poisonous snake depends entirely on the correct and timely given first aid. So if you were unable to avoid a snake bite, you must take the following steps:

Call for emergency help.

To limit the mobility of the victim to the poison so quickly spread throughout the body.

To remove all decorations from the limbs and clothes, as the growth of oedema compressing the soft tissue.

If the affected limb, she needs to be completely immobilized. For example, if a leg, you need to bandage it to healthy. In case of a bite in the arm, it must be locked in a bent position.

Within 15-20 minutes it is necessary to actively suck out the poison from the wound and quickly spit, if possible, rinsing the mouth with water or any other liquid. If you do it the first 5-7 minutes, it is likely that you can remove about 50% of the poison. It should be noted that for the person who provides first aid poison is not dangerous, if in the mouth there are no open wounds.

Disinfect the wound with any antiseptic, and then, to impose on the bite pressure bandage, which must be loosened when swelling will increase.

Liberally give the victim any liquid except alcohol.

If necessary, make artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.

Take the victim to a medical facility, where he will inject the serum against the effects of poisons and will assist you.

Categorically it is forbidden for bites of poisonous snakes:

Cut the skin along the bite or to make a cruciform incision of random objects. The poisonous fangs of the snake penetrate more than one centimeter into the body, so without special equipment and medical training, it is impossible to properly remove the affected area, but there is a risk to put a severe infection.

For the same reason does not make sense to cauterize the bite with burning implements, gunpowder, coals.

You cannot impose oppressive tourniquet above the bite, as this will only worsen the condition of the victim and increase the risk of fatal outcome.

Take alcohol also impossible, as it enhances the effect of poison and impedes its excretion from the body.

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