Snake, obvivshayasya around the bowl, became the symbol of medicine for a long time. However, the bites of poisonous snakes remain one of the most common reasons for seeking medical help. On the territory of Russia is inhabited by 14 species of poisonous snakes, the most dangerous are Viper, Cobra and Viper. The probability of dying from “kiss” of these snakes is more than 10 %, and very great importance is the speed of first aid and proper action when they bite. Cobra in Mordovia can be found high in the terrarium, but the vipers are not so exotic creatures. In swampy areas or in the forest middle belt, among the grass, they feel very comfortable, so a small “educational program” in anticipation of the holiday vacation will not be superfluous.

Cool country morning. The smell of grass. The crowing of the cock. Wake up, You, the happy vacationer or even more happy villager in the morning and next to You, lovely whistling, sleeping…snake. Alas, this is not a joke! And by “a snake” we do not mean not very beautiful mate or its mother. Unfortunately, a bout with a poisonous snake – not an uncommon event. And it should be ready! At least morally.


Normal life not a Hollywood “horror”. A snake will never attack You for no reason. The surest way to avoid a sting is to be very careful moving through the forest, cropland, or swampy areas. The more noise you make, the better: after learning of the approach of man, the serpent, most likely, will crawl away. High boots tucked into the boots, the pants provide excellent protection from the bite of a Viper. Remember this, if you are going to travel to potentially dangerous places. Grass is better to push with a long stick, in the same way it is recommended to check the crevices of rocks during mountain walks. If you like long hikes. Don’t forget that the night is better to stay in places with sparse and low vegetation, the tent should have a reliable basis, and every time before “dive” into the sleeping bag it is better to check, had not decided whether to spend the night back there, and some charming representative of the family of reptiles. If you find such a “gift” next to him waking up in the morning, in any case, do not make sudden movements, causing her to attack (especially as, lying in a sleeping bag, a flash to move at a safe distance in any case You fail). Most likely, the snake will just crawl away and you will get a unique opportunity to admire the reptile up close. Snake could “visit” Your country site. Experts advise to carefully mow the grass all around on open ground the snake to move don’t like.


Assume that precaution did not help (or you carelessly ignored the advice favorite newspaper). What to do if you or someone close to you was “lucky” to have met with a poisonous snake?

1. The Golden rule is absolutely can not panic! It’s not just the Council to act coolly. Calm will allow you to maintain a normal heart rhythm, preventing to accelerate the diffusion of poison in the body. Can even drink any sedative.

2. Before the victim can get the help of a doctor, Your main task – to slow the spread of the poison. The injured limb should lie as still as possible, ideally to the victim of the bite is better to lie still, not making unnecessary movements, because each contraction of the muscles accelerates the destructive process.

3. Waiting for help, you can drink a diuretic (infusion of bilberry, cranberry), if nothing like that at hand, just drink plenty of water. This will help to bring some of the poison naturally.

4. Call an ambulance or try to deliver the victim to hospital, where he will make an injection of anti-typhoid serum.


1. In any case we can NOT APPLY a TOURNIQUET on the bitten limb. Contrary to popular stereotype, this does not prevent poison to spread in the body, but can cause necrosis of the limbs and even amputation.

2. Nor should we CAUTERIZE the bite. Remember that the length of the fangs of the snake can reach 1 cm, and the poison spreads very quickly. The practical benefits of the cauterization will not, indeed, at the bite site formed a scab and under it could start festering.

3. CUTS and NICKS are meaningless and even harmful for the same reason: the poison from the blood to remove it You will still not succeed, but once the wound – once the source of infection.

4. The victim can’t drink tea or coffee (they have a stimulating effect, speeding up the heart rate), absolutely CONTRAINDICATED alcohol (it slows down the excretion of the poison).


Most often, snake bites suffered by people in the field and in the marshes, as their movements are nearly silent. Many chances to be bitten by the picking berries (by the way, “quiet hunt” for mushrooms is much more safe, because the snake will hear You long before you get close to it, and crawl). Also at risk are the outdoor enthusiasts. Going to a tourist approach, consider the possible hazards and prepare for a possible encounter with snakes. Be careful, and a fatal meeting will not take place (but, if anything, the serum in the Mordovian resorts there will be almost as alive..excuse me, almost as healthy). A good summer!

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