Caution snakes

According to media reports, this summer on the territory of Moscow region there is increased activity of snakes. Snakes began to appear in the vicinity of human settlements, hunters and mushroom pickers often come across them in the woods.

In the Moscow oblast there are too ordinary and common adder, is found also smooth snake (snake of the colubrid family). Oh and the verdigris at a meeting with the person most often flee and completely harmless. The danger to humans can be represented by a Viper. But the rumors about her aggressiveness is greatly exaggerated. The poison the snakes need to kill their victims: small rodents, small birds, nestlings and frogs. The body weight calculated dose of poison. A person is much larger than these living entities, but he may suffer from the bite of a Viper. Snake bites are not an expression of aggression, but rather a reaction to an unexpected frightening or disturbing. This happens either when a man inadvertently stepped or put his hand on the snake, not noticing her on the trail, in the grass, or when her capture.

How to distinguish poisonous snakes from non-poisonous: first, the pupil poisonous snakes, felines, vertical, characteristic for leading nocturnal and non-venomous – round. Secondly, between the head and the torso in the Viper has a slim neck, head shaped like a blade. Coloring book poisonous dwellers of the Moscow region is very diverse: from light gray to black. Length of the adult snake reaches 1 meter. Before the attack of the Viper rolled into the ring, and throws his body forward approximately 30 cm Viper moves most actively at night, when it hunts during the day she’s basking in the sun near their burrows, which can be located in the forest, field and swamp.

Generally when meeting with a snake is better not to spend time looking at and figuring out her type, and simply move away.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid unintended contact during walks in the woods, picking mushrooms and berries, in swamps, in garden works.

Precautions when meeting with snakes:

– don’t panic, stay calm, remember that venomous snakes that live on the territory of Russia, as a rule, humans do not attack;

– do Not provoke a snake, don’t throw stones at her or sticks. Back away slowly without making any sudden movements; in most cases, a snake will try to escape;

– moving through the forest, field or meadow, carefully look at his feet, not to accidentally step on a snake

– clothing for walking in the woods should be as closed, at the foot desirable boots (which, incidentally, will protect from a possible tick bite);

– inspect the place of rest, not to be nose-to-nose with the reptile;

– finding the hole, do not attempt to catch the snake for the fun of it; don’t kill her. Snakes are necessary to maintain the balance of nature and are an important part of steppe and mountain communities.

First aid for snake bite:

The Viper venom causes a disturbance in the blood clotting system, resulting in formation of necrosis, disintegrating tissue sections. After a Viper bite there is a sharp pain in the bite area and severe widespread edema. The bitten area becomes bluish-red from the exit of blood from vessels into the intercellular space. Dizziness, vomiting, bitter taste in mouth, drowsiness, and possible convulsions. If a person has a healthy heart and there is no tendency to allergies, threat of death no.

A snake bite should immediately consult a doctor to inject the antidote. To delivery in a medical facility, the victim must be laid and limit his mobility to slow the spread of the poison. They need to have a large amount of drink (preferably hot tea), 15-20 drops of tincture of Valerian in a glass of water. If possible, rinse the wound with light pink solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide and bandage. To hospital the victim is transported in the supine position.

If first aid cannot apply a tourniquet on the bitten limb, cauterize the bite and give the victim alcohol. To suck out the poison from the bite is also not recommended, because in the presence in the mouth at least a minimal wounds or broken tooth wall poison through it can enter the bloodstream.


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