Active tourism, a snake bite

The greatest danger to life are the bites of the Cobra, Viper, EFy. But they are common in the countries of Central Asia. For active tourism in Russia and neighboring countries these types of snakes are less important than poisonous vipers and Copperhead.

You must always remember about the possibility of meeting with these reptiles during the active tourism . In the habitat of the snakes you must have airy shoes with high shank, wool socks, trousers of thick fabric, tucked in boots or shoes with the stock loose, not tight around the leg tissue. Moving overgrown with tall grass areas. preferably staff ahead of the push grass, rough terrain and mountains with a stick to examine possible hiding places on the route. Snakes usually avoid contact with people, hiding in advance. But if it happens, should I allow a snake to crawl away from the road and not be suitable for curiosity’s sake to adopt a threatening pose the bastard. Typically, it is rolled into a spiral body of a snake, pressed against the head, hissing Copperhead vibrating the tip of the tail. The throw is fast and can reach a third of the body length of the snake and more.

At the bivouac in the evening, too, must be aware of possible snakes, zapolskih in a tent, sleeping bag, or the fire, attracted by its light and heat. To illuminate the road a lantern or torch. Lost thing is not to try to grope about in the dark, light losses.

The snakebite comes from the carelessness of the tourist: when you move through the tall grass and the grass, climbing on mountain slopes and hills, collecting berries and mushrooms, when examining an unfamiliar burrows and dens, as well as when laying in bedding, where is already located the snake.

From the bite of the snake you must suck the blood, spitting it. Mouth can be rinsed with potassium permanganate. But the possible dose of poison so insignificant with suction from the wound that it is not dangerous aid or self-help. Even the presence of minor abrasions on the lips and gums are not dangerous.

Cauterizing the wound, as recommended in the manual that it should not be. Formed under the eschar in the wound is festering, which complicates the effects of snake bite .

In any case, do not apply a tourniquet on the bitten limb. This violates the metabolic processes in constricted limbs, necrobiotic processes are magnified in tissues that bring about the development of necrosis or gangrene of the limb, with its consequent loss.

To cut the wound to discharge of blood is also impractical. Poison fangs long enough to penetrate deep into the tissue.

Bitten placed horizontally, giving plenty of drink, in addition to stimulating drinks like coffee. Alcohol increases the poison’s effects, complicating its elimination from the body. Limb immobilizers, that is, give it a fixed position, primatv healthy, or putting on a sling.

If it is possible to move a patient in a hospital, it should take advantage of immediately, any convenient transport.

In the active tourism you always have to remember about the dangerous neighbors – the fauna to avoid unwanted contact with them, such as a snake bite . Going on the route we must see the flora and fauna of the upcoming terrain from the literature or other sources. Then it will be even more interesting to check their theoretical training in practice.

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