11 most bizarre and unusual snakes

Snakes since ancient times, simultaneously frighten and fascinate people. These sometimes deadly but possessing a kind of beauty of animals became a symbol of wisdom and cunning, and even left its trace in the Proverbs: “he looks like a rabbit on a boa constrictor”, “vipers in the bosom warmed” and many others.

Some types of snakes is not limited to the ability to strangle or poison their prey: in the course of evolution they learned to fly, or to pretend to be dead to lure victims with cunning physiological adaptations. Here you will find 11 of the most interesting reptiles on the planet.

1. Madagascar serpent listonosza

These unusual reptiles that live in Madagascar, got its name due to the particular structure of the muzzle: in females, it resembles a leaf with serrated edges, while males are more elongated, tapered shape and herpetologists (experts in reptiles and amphibians) still can’t say exactly what function does this kind of “decoration”.

2. Royal water

Reptile from North America is known particularly for its narrow gastronomic predilections: it eats only crayfish that have recently experienced moult and lost the shell.

3. Eastern snake swinney

Despite the funny name, swananoa snake — a real actor-tragedian. If the reptile to scare, she can get the whole idea: first, depict death throes, and then pretend to be dead, dangling from a wide open mouth language.

4. Supercinema snake

The predator got its name thanks to a pair of scaly growths on the head, which serve the animal by the motion sensors and help to hunt the fish.

5. The Paradise flying snake

Amazing reptiles that inhabit South-East Asia, possess the ability to plan in the air: the serpent climbs the tree and, being turned off like a spring, pushes off and jumps down. In the air, the reptile can double the width of his own body that allows her to overcome the distance up to 100 meters.

6. Odnogolosy (mikasinovic) Copperhead

The females of this species garycooper reproductive snakes have one feature — they can produce offspring without the participation of males using the curious phenomenon called the virgin reproduction, or parthenogenesis. Interestingly, some females prefer this method, even when there are males.

7. Pleasant carphophis

Under some funny name hides a not too nice-looking reptile that lived in North America. Small snakes almost never seem to light, preferring to spend all the time underground, hunting for worms, which have external similarity.

8. Javanese warty snake, or a snake-elephant trunk

Reptile inhabiting the rivers of Australia, off the coast of Indochina and on the Sunda Islands, received a witty nickname for wrinkled and sagging skin, which help her when hunting, allowing you to hold on to slippery fish. Despite the extremely lazy disposition (even when hunting, the snake does not move, pretending to be asleep and waiting for passing fish), this predator he can be incredibly agile and dangerous: several cases have been reported attacks on humans, some of the snake bites were fatal.

9. Spiny Bush Viper

The name of the representative of the family of Viper received the unusual structure of the scales.

10. Lognormality Viper’s spider tail

This species was discovered only recently, in 2006-m year, and is found only in two Iranian provinces of Ilam and Kermanshah. When reptile first caught the eye of scientists, they were amazed: at the tail in the Viper was something resembling a spider, a snake and later got its name. Unusual growths serve as bait for the birds — attracted by the “treat” birds in turn become the prey.

11. A big flapjack, or sea krait

One of the most poisonous snakes in the world rarely attack humans, preferring to save the poison for fish, which it eats. The flapjack inhabits waters of the Western Pacific from Ryukyu Islands to Samoa and is actively mined by fishermen, as this reptile, which can reach two meters in length, used for food by the people of Japan and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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